10 Beauty Appointments to Make Before Your Wedding

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10 Beauty Appointments to Make Before your Wedding
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Planning a Jewish wedding might seem difficult and it requires a lot of your time and effort. Hiring a Jewish wedding planner will help you to ease the pressure and you can continue enjoying your life outside the wedding tensions.
Wedding planners can help you with all your wedding requirements and they can perfectly bring elegance to your wedding. Here are the top ten beauty appointments recommended by affordable wedding planners, which you should certainly make before your wedding.

Visiting a dermatologist is the best way to ensure your skin is attractive and ready for your big day. A dermatologist can suggest you with the best skin care routine, which will maintain the freshness and glow of your skin, even under stress.
Smile is one of the best accessories to wear during your wedding, even though it sounds like a cliché. So, visit your dentist to whiten your teeth and make your smile looks more graceful.

Hair Colorist
It is important to plan early and consult with a hair colorist, if you are planning to either color or highlight your hair. These guys can help you with tips and advices to make your hair look more stunning.
Hair Stylist
Make sure to visit your hair stylist for a bridal hair trial. Consult with the stylist and check out her suggestions and advices on what style suits you the most. If would be even better to try a few bridal hairdos before coming to a conclusion.

Hair Extensions
Do a little bit of research before determining what kind of keratin bonds, tape, or clip-ins you want. Make sure to bring this appointment along with other hair appointments, as that will allow your hair colorist and stylists to get familiar with the hair extensions.

Makeup Artist
It may take more than a few trials before your makeup artist figures out what brings the best in you. Obviously, you need to focus more on your bridal makeup, as you won’t want to have a over-sculpted look on the most important day of your life.

Tanning Salon
Book an appointment at a salon for a spray tan with aesthetician. The tanning process will provide a perfect coat of bronze to your body and make it look attractive. You can skip this part though, if you preferred to stay in your natural body tone.

Visit a manicurist a day before your wedding and get your manicure done. This will ensure that your fingernails and hands are shiny and dazzling.


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