10 Unique Wedding Guest Books

Details are and always have been the key to a great wedding, whether they be the special details on your wedding dress, center pieces, placecards, flower decorations, cake, or your guest book. While the guest book may seem like a miniscule detail compared to all other aspects that go into your big day, it is one that should not be overlooked. When it comes to your guest book, you don’t have to go with the same old, same old anymore. There are tons of creative guest book ideas that are so fun and easy to do, in order to give your wedding that extra spark to set it apart from the rest. Here is a list of 10 of the best unique wedding guest book ideas around in today’s wedding world.  Check it out!

Wish Wedding Box


Instead of using a regular guest book, think outside the book, and use this gorgeous wish box. The box goes with any style of wedding and any personality.

From David’s Bridal

Stationery Guest Book Set 


This stationery set is a charming alternative to the traditional guest book. This package contains 50 folding self-closing cards and one instructional tent card.

From David’s Bridal

Wedding Guest Photo Book


Customize your wedding guest book just the way you want, and have your guests leave a message next to your best photos together to make it more personal.

From Mixbook

Thumbprint guest book


Thumbprint guest book trees are a huge trend right now. The concept starts with just branches, and your guests put down their thumbprints as the leaves. Then, your guests sign their names by their prints, and after the wedding, frame your new piece of artwork in your home as a wonderful memory of your special day.

From Cottage Creeks Art

Anniversary Wine 


The anniversary wine is a gift that keeps on giving! Have your guests sign anniversary wine bottles, which come labeled to enjoy your 1st, 5th, 10th and 20th anniversaries. Guests can select which bottle they would like to sign and can leave the couple a special message for their big day.

From EVCreations 

Fill-In-The-Blank Guest Book


Have a little fun, and fill out these Fill-In-The-Blank pages as a guest book. You can also put all of these completed sheeets together in a scrapbook after the wedding as a memory of your special day.

From Invites By Melanie

Wishing Tree


This wonderful guest book idea not only has a practical purpose, but it also leaves a gorgeous decoration in the recpetion room, and it is so simple! The guests just leave ther wishes on a card, and hang them on the tree.

From Etsy

Custome Puzzle 


This idea is so precious! You just pick your favorite picture together and put it on one side of the puzzle piece, and then guests write their messages on the opposite site. After the wedding, you’ll have a blast putting all of the pieces together, while reading all the wonderful wishes from your loved ones!

From Bella Puzzles Too

River Rocks 


This is another special idea for a unique guest book. Instead of using a book, guests will write their wishes and messages on rocks, which can make a wonderful decoration in your garden after the wedding and can always be kept as a memory of the special time.

From The Paper Nook

World Globe


Travel lovers, this one is for you! Grab a vintage globe and some sharpies, and have guests write their names over either their hometowns or perhaps favorite vacation spots? This could also be beneficial in the future for when you and your spouse are looking for new and exciting adventures to go on together!
Regardless if you choose to do the puzzle, anniversary wine, thumbprint trees or any of these 10 guest book ideas, I guarantee that it will give your wedding an unique touch!

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