As summer rounds the corner in sunny Southern California, the beach stands at the forefront of the minds of both locals and tourists alike. It exudes relaxation and simplicity. The sound of the waves hitting the shore soothes all worries while you’re feeling the warm sand in between your toes. For the bride who desires something more calm and laidback, the beach makes a great destination for a wedding. With just a few suggestions, organizing a beach wedding will be a breeze.

Picking a venue is possibly one of the most important parts of planning a beach wedding. It is the backdrop of your grand day! The thing most people don’t realize is that not all beaches are the same. Some are rocky like the beaches in Malibu while others are smooth, stretchy far from the shore like in Santa Monica. Keep in mind that each beach requires different permits, which are issued through the city county. Depending on if you want a wedding just on the waterfront or on the beach, there are plenty of venues to choose from in the Los Angeles County area. A couple of suggestions for venues would be Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach, and – as pictured below – Duke’s Malibu in Malibu.



Decorating for a beach wedding should be constructed around the idea of simplicity. Because the environment of the wedding makes up the majority of the setting and attention of the wedding, a more simple decorating theme won’t detract from the beach scenery. If you want to incorporate a more sea orientated theme, you can utilize shells and dried sea stars to give the wedding a more sea-like feel. Mixing these elements with colors that complement the scenery like blues, greens, and white would do nicely, but you are not limited to just those.  Utilizing an arch or a stand would help provide a visual focus when the wedding begins. With simplicity in mind, decorating the venue should be effortless!



Now the most important part for any bride is choosing the proper wedding dress. With a beach like setting, it isn’t the most practical to wear extremely cinched or overly formal gowns. Picking something with an airy fabric like silk or chiffon would work best against sand, but would also move with the wind should you have a strong ocean breeze. Sheath dresses would work, but a dress with a fuller skirt would work as well if you had it made with a lighter fabric. For shoes, think of wearing sandals or possibly going barefoot. Heels aren’t made for walking in the sand and could possibly lead to injury if worn. If you have a stand for your beach wedding ceremony, that would be the optimal place to pull out and switch into heels. Although leaving your hair down would match the casual feel that a beach wedding gives off, if there is wind it can get in your face and your makeup. A suggestion that would work if you chose to keep your hair down would be to pull the top part of your hair away from your face in a half up and half down style. Always keep in mind the elements around you while you’re planning your attire for a beach wedding.


Overall, a beach wedding is a great experience for both the couple and the guests. It gives the appearance of exoticism and can act as a getaway for everyone involved. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind or adapt to since it is a public, outdoor location. Depending on where you go, you will need to locate the right permits and locations that match your mental image for your wedding. The decor should be kept simple to make up for the overwhelming view of the beach during the ceremony. And, while shopping for a wedding dress and prepping the styling, keep in mind the environment you’ll be dressing for. Keeping these things in the back of your mind while planning will make the experience of planning your dream beach wedding that much easier.


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