Bridal Gifts to DIY For

Gift-giving can get tricky, especially when you want to give the bride a little extra something that she won’t find on an average registry. The difficulty arises when trying to be original, while still remaining classy and refined. It is her big day after all.  If you like to bake, there’s nothing like cookies with the bride and grooms name that would be something they would adore!  For all of your bridal gift-giving needs, and especially for Los-Angeles brides, here are some unique DIY and personalizable projects she will be sure to love!




Kitchen Krafts – without the food!

If your bride is anything like my friend Victoria, then she loves nothing more than relaxing into a warm tub of water at the end of a long day, especially with a bath bomb from trendy soap shops like Lush! If you know your bride loves this kind of foaming therapy, why not create your own for her? Maybe even with her favorite colors, textures, or shapes mixed in.


For alternative handmade soap options, try this coconut lime sugar scrub recipe, or make your own natural bars of soap from scratch with this tutorial.

Keepsakes & Décor

For your bride to write down or collage all her thoughts and photos from her big day, try adding a handstitched journal to your gift. Every time your bride writes or scrapbooks, she’ll be thinking of you and your friendship. If you would like to try bookbinding, but you need some help getting started, etsy has some easy-to-use kits that you can purchase. Alternatively, you can opt for making your book’s binding using glue. This video will show you how.



If your bride or special someone lives in a world of Wanderlust, you may want to check out these creative upcycled projects using maps. You can even pick maps corresponding to places special to the both of you and your experiences together. Among the virtually endless supply of DIY map projects, I suggest the fun embroidered map piece, which can double as a corkboard, or these adorable map coasters. Learn how to make your own coasters out of any photos or images, for any occasion.



With the holiday season approaching, get inspired with DIY ornaments. You can help the couple commemorate their first holiday as a married couple with these personalized wedding ornaments, incorporating tree stumps and jingle bells.  Add special touches from the couple’s wedding for extra personalization by using strips from their wedding invitation as the perfect ornament filling.




For a bride who loves fine wines and good times, you may want to upcycle in these unconventional ways. During the wedding, you may want to be a little extra sneaky and swipe a cork from one of the bottles the couple opens up. With this secret treasure in hand, you can create this lovely and unexpected shadow box for the couple to remember special moments from their big day. For a more literal vino-inspired gift, try this tutorial on making a wine bottle planter, or this gorgeous wine bottle candelabra reimagined.





Day-Of Wedding Touches

One way to make an impression on a bride’s big day is to create a memory. While the bride’s wedding planner is already doing an amazing job coordinating all of the details, you, as the bride’s friend, also have the chance to make some real magic happen, by making your gift something everyone can share! Be sure to coordinate with your bride and her wedding planner beforehand, and try out some of these unique gifts that are sure the create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To wow guests, espescially those attending an outdoor wedding in Los Angeles, try providing the drink or food ‘boat’ for everyone to delight in.



If you’re looking for a DIY project that is a little less challenging, but just as whimsical, try my personal favorite: board games! These handmade outdoor games are not only impressive, but they’re fun for the whole party.  Definitely the best option on this list for creating new experiences on your bride’s wedding day.





Any of these Do-It-Yourself gifts can be made as the main attraction or just a lovely addition to any wedding gift you select, and with the holiday season approaching, these simple suggestions are your perfect opportunity to give DIY a try! For that extra special touch when wrapping up your gift, try adding some of these paper flowers or DIY bows.

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