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Working out the small details of a wedding can be difficult and can turn into far more of a hassle than one would appreciate.

One of those quirky details could be…THE FOOD.

Here are a few ideas that will inspire you to ditch all of the traditional, “over-eaten”, cliche wedding foods that are commonly served, and it will give you some fun, out of the box ideas that you can incorporate into your special day!

Your guests will surely be delighted and amazed to try fun new food ideas at your wedding!

We will take this one course at a time…



“Wow” everyone at your wedding (including yourself) with these adorable cookie shots! Guests are sure to get a kick out of  sipping and munching on these cute little snacks. This little snack is perfect at any wedding, whether big or small, classy or southern. This snack fits all wedding themes.


A Trail Mix bar is a nice snack option because the couple can add a lot of variety by switching flavors and treats based on the mood of the wedding.

Having a night wedding? Provide specialty cheese, rich nuts, pralines, and pair the mix with wine.

Having an outdoor wedding? Provide pumpkin seeds, colorful dry fruits, pretzels, and minimal amounts of chocolate.

Having a large wedding? Provide a pre-mixed, specialty trail mix, and avoid peanuts.

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If your wedding is going to be a big fiesta with lots of dancing and fun, tacos and sushi will be perfect for your guests to chow down on! These foods are great for guests who love to socialize, dance, and participate in all the wedding festivities, because they are grab and go!

For Dessert… 

Get ready to be awed by these mini dessert ideas that will be the perfect “little” match for any celebration!


These petite chocolate berry cakes will be a special two-bite hit that your quests will be raving about for days after your wedding.


Yum! These tiny Lemon Meringue Pies are a nice zesty treat for guests to indulge in.


These personal-size cannolis will endear your guests. Surely they will realize your desire was to please their taste buds by offering these scrumptious French delicacies!

Lastly, get creative and unusual with your wedding cake….

Think of some foods/desserts that you and your fiance really love. Come up with a few great ways to share your love for that food to your guests!

Here is an idea that I get a kick out of,


A towered donut cake! is there anything better than that?

It is relieving to know that your wedding foods do not have to be compared to the foods your family and guests ate at your sister’s wedding; in fact, they can be completely incomparable!

Once you have some ideas brewing, partner up with a bakery! Here are some of the best bakeries in Los Angeles to help: BoNuage, Chaumont Bakery, Thomas Keller, and Clementine

The most important thing to remember when planning out these quirky details is to “DO YOU”. Your guests have come to the wedding to celebrate YOU, so why not show them what makes YOU a unique couple?

Happy Planning!

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