Few Ways to Start your Wedding Planning

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It might take a few days to wear off the initial shock and excitement of getting engaged. When you are mentally all set to tie the knot, you will have to start making a number of decisions and choices in order to make your wedding a memorable event. However, this might be a bit overwhelming than you might have expected. Yet again, hiring an event planner in Los Angeles would ease off your pressure and help you make good decisions.

The best wedding planner would help you to make your wedding a huge success, and they will make sure that you and your friends have everything you need during the occasion. Below are three things to do to kick off your wedding planning:


Set a Date

Every one of your friends and family members will keep asking for your wedding date once you are engaged. It might seem difficult to set an accurate or an exact date, because you have to choose a venue and check the availability. So, try to determine a range of dates, which works for you.

Besides that, it is also significant to think about what season you prefer for your wedding and check whether any major family events or holidays conflict with your date.


Pick a Location and Style

You must decide on the location, as well as what kind of style and vibe you want for your wedding, before moving on and starting to plan other things. Picture your wedding fantasy and settle on what style of wedding you want.

If you still cannot decide on your own, then it is wiser to talk with your wedding planner and share your ideas or suggestions with them. They will take care of all your needs and help you pick an elegant style for your big day.


Prepare the Guest List

Another significant thing to do after being engaged is to prepare the guest list for the wedding. It is obvious that you will need to consider a few factors while drafting the guest list. No matter what, do not skip the size of the venue and your budget while compiling the list.

Choose a number that fits with the capacity of your venue and your planned budget, as it will avoid unnecessary expenses and panic during the wedding day. Make sure to consult with your wedding planner on the guest count, as they have a lot of experience in deciding the right number of guests.


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