Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

A new 2016 wedding documentation trend is becoming more and more common.  People are drifting away from using the typical photo albulms, scrapbooks, and photo books. Instead, couples have begun to hire photographers and videographers to capture their whole day, telling a story and capsulating the love they share. These professionally made videos include every moment of the day, from the moment the bride wakes and the bridesmaids get ready, to the last kiss before the couple hop into their honeymoon getaway. Some wedding moments which have been produced, are as beautiful on video as they were in person. Incredibly talented photographers work hard to get majestic shots, perfect angles, and the funniest moments. Finding a good photographer to fit your ideal wedding style can be tough, but there are several things you can do to assure you will find a photographer talented enough to turn your precious moments into a high- tech memory lane.

Watch this beautiful wedding video of a California Wedding by Something Devine 


First, take a look at your family members, co-workers, and friends, wedding/event photos-

-What do you like?

-What is your style?

– Ask for refferrals and go to Bridal Expos


Then, once you find a few photographers, look carefully at their portfolios-

-portfolios MUST “wow” you, because, afterall it is the best of their work.

-narrow down your search by getting to know your photographer through their social media. (You’ll be spending significant time with them, once they’re hired)


Interview your photographer-

-skype, in- person, on phone

-why did they start a career in  photography?

-what are they most passionate about?

-where are they traveling from?



Ask about costs-

-hourly rate

-prints cost


-second shooter cost


Things to consider for your session-

Does your photographer’s personality fit your wedding style?

What will you use your photos for past the wedding day?

Would you like posed photos or candids?

What do you want photos of?

Would you like to include props?

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Photo credits: Bellainberlin, StyleMePretty, StyleMePretty 

Happy Searching!

xoxo, LiyaNicole


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