Four Things That Can Help You Select the Best Wedding Planner

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From finding the best venue to choosing the proper florist, planning your dream wedding is not at all an easy job. It will be better to have a wedding planner do the things for you, as it will help relieve a lot of pressure. However, there are a few things you need to consider while looking for the best wedding planner for you. Some of the key points to consider are discussed below.

Do your Homework

It is good to check out the website of the prospective Los Angeles wedding planner, as it will help you get an idea about how good are they. The photos of recent weddings that they have covered will help you understand on their style of planning and execution. You should also look for information on the type of planning services that they offer, awards, and their memberships with professional associations.

Call your Favorites

After narrowing down your list of wedding planners, you need to call the top three or four picks. Make sure that you confirm the types of planning services that they offer, and check the availability of date, venues they cover, and the price, while calling. If you find that any of the planners fits your budget and requirements, you can set up an appointment with them.

First Meeting

It is good to bring some magazine clips and photos with you when visiting your potential wedding planner. You can get a sense of the quality of weddings that they do by asking about the events that they have done. Also, look for their personalities, as you will need to work with them intimately for months before your wedding.

Fix the Deal

After all the above steps, find time to compare the prices, notes, impressions, and formal proposals. This will help you find the best wedding planner and you can call them immediately to let them know of your decision to move forward. Ask them to prepare a contract for you. You can then sign the contract and pay them your deposit.


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