Grab A Wedding Favor, or Not.

January 31, 2017 / Favors & Gifts / By:


The question is up in the air. What do you say to something like this? This decision is drastic and will change the course of your life. Well, maybe this might have been exaggerated a bit. Brides and grooms circle around the question on whether or not to provide wedding favors. This is a wonderful way to thank the guests and provide a memory for them to take home. The wedding favors might not be as crucial as the wedding cake, but this is a great way to show appreciation for those who shared this incredible day with you. If your budget allows for this, then consider them.

Wedding favors range from pictures to edible objects (which are the most desired I’ve heard). If the guest list is numerous and the budget is already tight, mementos should not be crucial. They are not required because this is a simple way to thank your guest which can be done through thank you cards after the wedding. Besides the cards, the free meals, drinks and the dance floor scream thank you. Some couples want to give their guest a little something to take home though, so consider making your wedding favors edible. This can be cookies, candy, bread, burgers or hotdogs for the ride home (maybe even for those who need to sober up).




For those who have a budget for wedding favors that cannot be swallowed or at least should not be swallowed, then send your guests out with something cute and simple to remember this special day. Thank them with mementos that show your gratitude for attending the wedding, but that can also serve as decoration for their home. Besides a small décor, the wedding favor can also be something they can actually use on a daily basis.






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