Have a Happy Fourth of July Wedding!


Holiday weddings combine the excitement of the holiday itself as well as the excitement of your own special day. Having a wedding on a holiday is not without its challenges. Each holiday is associated with its own theme, symbols, colors, etc, and it is not difficult to go from classy to cheesy depending on which direction you take in planning around the theming of your holiday specific wedding. This is especially the case for a Fourth of July wedding. Fourth of July is one of the most patriotic holidays in the United States and carries with it plenty of inspiration for a holiday inspired wedding. You can utilize the red, white, and blue colors, various symbols like stars and stripes, and perhaps even utilize sparklers to create that “patriotic” Fourth of July feeling. It is easy to diverge into an over the top territory with a Fourth of July themed wedding so, unless that is your intention, read ahead for my tips on how to have a more subtle Fourth of July wedding.


When you think of Fourth of July, the first thing that pops into the mind are the colors – red, white, and blue. It is easy to overwhelm people with these colors at a Fourth of July wedding because of the general brightness of the color. A way to get around this is by using more muted tones of red, whites, and blues like the example shown above in the cake. Berry or jewel colors can create a less garish display of patriotism and maintain a more sophisticated feel to the wedding. Another suggestion would be to just pick two out of the three colors typically associated with the Fourth of July holiday. I’d recommend keeping the white color and choosing between either red or blue. This will allow you to at least have one neutral color in your wedding palette throughout the day.


There are many symbols that are associated with patriotic holidays like stars, stripes, flags, fireworks, sparklers; the list goes on an on. All of these symbols to choose from can make it very difficult not to go overboard for a Fourth of July themed wedding. However, in a way, the amount of symbols makes it easier to streamline the image you want so that it still maintains the Fourth of July theming without being too overbearing. My recommendation is to pick one or two symbols you want to utilize throughout your decor like the stars utilized as decoration in the picture above. It’ll keep the theming more subtle while still maintaining the patriotic, festive atmosphere needed for a Fourth of July wedding.


It would not be a proper Fourth of July wedding without sparklers or fireworks. If you want fireworks for your wedding, there are two options. You can purchase the fireworks yourself, but this can become expensive depending on how many you want and for how long you want to launch them. Another thought to keep in mind if you want fireworks is the issue of legality. It is illegal in some cities to shoot off fireworks. You can try to get a permit in order to shoot off fireworks, but that can also contribute to the expensiveness fireworks bring. A free option would be to take advantage of areas where fireworks are already being scheduled to shoot off. That way you can still have fireworks in the background without having to pay for it. If you want something more subtle and less loud, sparklers are the way to go. They are not only a cheaper alternative, but they also embody the festive Fourth of July spirit in photos.


Brookside County Club Wedding Columbus Ohio Photography by Robb McCormick Photography (www.robbmccormick.com)

With my recommendations, you will be able to have a more sophisticated Fourth of July Wedding. If you utilize more muted colors, stick to one or two well-known patriotic symbols, and have sparkler or fireworks at your wedding, you can still maintain the Fourth of July theme without letting the holiday completely take over your wedding. Remember, the wedding is about you. It should not be about the holiday. Keeping these notes in mind, have a happy Fourth of July!


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