Have a Little Taste of Cake


Picking your wedding cake should be easy right? You just pick whatever will taste delicious, tell the baker to make it look pretty, and then scamper out the door to move onto your next wedding related task. This mindset is completely and utterly wrong. Over the recent decade as more couples are trying to create something that is unique and personal to them, the decision making process surrounding how to choose a wedding cake has evolved. With the option to have multiple layers of flavor, different varieties of frostings to choose from, and choosing between whether a cake should taste sweet, savory, or – dare I say – spicy, a wedding cake tasting has become more essential to determing how to get a couple’s wedding cake to match the cake of their dreams. Here are some things to keep in mind as you venture forth towards a wedding cake tasting.


1) Prepare yourself for lots of sampling! Most wedding cake companies offer guests around eight or nine cake flavors to start off with to get a general idea of a couple’s taste preferences. I highly recommend showing up with a partially empty stomach because to make it easier to taste things. Some wedding cake companies offer as many as 25 or so flavors, however, not all will be available at a wedding cake tasting offered by the company unless you specifically ask whether or not you have such and such flavor. Usually if you request a taste that is not offered on the provided list, the wedding cake company will offer the solution of creating a sample cake for a cost.


2) Compromise on having more than one flavor! It’s very rare nowadays to have a wedding cake that is just one flavor. Couples have varying tastes and, with more of a demand to make each wedding cake unique, the demand for multi-flavored tier cakes has been sky rocketing. If you and your partner have different taste preferences like for example, he likes Red Velvet and you like Tiramisu, you can create one tier that is Red Velvet and one that is just Tiramisu flavored. Most companies are very flexible with the mixing of flavors.


3) Let friends and family join! You know what sometimes makes the decision process easier when making a decision? Inviting friends and family to join you in the process. Or, if you just want to make the cake tasting last a bit longer, inviting friends and family is good too. Wedding companies will sometimes allow you to order multiple wedding cake samples in advance so, if you’d like to have a cake tasting party for your friends and family, this is a fun option to consider.


4) Point out dietary restrictions! As more and more people listen to their bodies and have begun avoiding foods based off of allergies or, in general, based off of their food preferences, there has been more of a market to explore vegan and gluten-free alternatives. If you want to have a cake tailored to your dietary restrictions, let your baker or the wedding cake company you’ve chosen know ahead of time before you proceed to a cake tasting. They will have the options available for you at the cake tasting if you let them know in advance.

Circumstances of wedding cake selection are different today due to the growing changes in the general population’s desires. People want a cake that is different, one with a lot of flavors or strange characteristics that will make their wedding cake stand out among a crowd of cakes. With the added component of more people having dietary restrictions, it has become more profitable for wedding cake companies to accomodate and have options available for those who have restrictions. The game has changed. With my suggestions above, you should be able to have a successful wedding cake tasting and a very happy stomach.


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