How to Bring an Outdoor Wedding Indoors

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Are you thinking of bringing the outdoors in to your indoor wedding? The wedding planner and Event coordinator Los Angeles tips shared below will help you …

Outdoor weddings are becoming very popular these days, but the weather in Los Angeles may not always permit you to host an outdoor wedding. However, with the help of event coordinator in Los Angeles, you can create an amazing outdoor atmosphere in an indoor wedding.

Bring in the Outdoors

You can make use of the nature surrounding the venue or gather properties and elements from a distant location to set the stage. For example, you may use twigs to provide structure for the floral arrangements, get some circular stumps of trees to set cake stands or platters, or use some hollowed branches as flower vases. If you have hired the service of an event coordinator, you they can help you set the venue in the most perfect way.

Cue the Sun

You can make use of the natural light of the sun, as it is a huge asset. For this, you will need to find a venue that has many windows. If that is not possible, you can do that with artificial lighting as well. You may use lighting fixtures like lanterns or café string lights to decorate the venue. Additionally, you can hang chandeliers from the branches of trees.

Lighting will also help offer unique special effects to the venue, for instance, blue lighting with twinkle lights will help mimic a nighttime sky and gobo lighting can help make branch, leaf, and floral patterns on the walls. Dim lights will help set the mood of the event even better.

Go Green

You can make use of a natural color scheme to echo the outdoor setting that you are trying to create inside. Use a base of deep greens and brown to offer a forest vibe or to offer a garden atmosphere, and draw yellow or pink flowers with pastels. These can offer a green look to your wedding venue.

Landscape the Room

Landscape the room as you would a patio or garden. You may make a space with levels and texture by adding outdoor elements and fixtures. You can also use arches, patio furniture, and gates to offer a special touch, where a focal point with a flowing fountain can add up to the beauty of the venue. Also, add natural texture with lush greenery to bring outdoors in to your indoor wedding.


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