How to Make Your Wedding YOU-nique

Are you looking for some new ways to spice up your wedding and add some fun that your guests won’t forget? Check out these suggestions to add some flavor to your big day!

1. Pre Wedding Field Day


If you have a large wedding party, this is the perfect way to get your everyone acquainted with eachother before the wedding day! That way, everyone can have the most fun possible on the big day. Nothing brings people together like dominating in the wheel barrel.


2. Your Story Down the Aisle


This is definitely one of my favorite ideas. It shares your story with not only your guests but reminds you of the events
that led you to the final moment as you walk down the aisle.


3. Hang Over Kits


These kits are perfect for your guests over 21, especially if there’s an open bar! What better way to show you care than taking care of your guests the day after your wedding? ;)


4. Kits for the Kids


Don’t leave the kids out! Weddings can get boring for them sometimes, create kits including crayons, candy, bubbles, and a color sheet! Add anything your childhood heart desires to keep the kids occupied.


5. Dance Shoes


Dancing in your heels at the reception can become a pain, so you and the hubby can monogram some new converse to dance in comfort! For the bridal party, incoporate some compactible flats in their bridesmaids kits so they can party in comfort, too!


6. Pick A Side Buttons


Here’s a way to get your guests talking about how they know either the bride or the groom!


7. Instagram Hashtag


Don’t forget to let your guests know what your unique insta hashtag so you’re able to find all of the photos from the wedding easily!


8. A Bar for Everyone


Nothing is more fun than an ice cream, s’mores, candy, taco, ect. bar!


9. Bathroom Photos


Decorate the bathrooms with childhood photos!


10. Guest’s Pick


Give your guests notecards to write their favorite song they want to hear on the dance floor and let them put it in a fish bowl for the DJ to pick out at random and play!

These are just a few ways to connect with your guests and make your wedding more unique, there are still so many more out there. Really dig deep and think of things that you and your partner are into such as hobbies and professions and think of ways to incorporate them into your wedding. If you get stuck check out some more ideas on Pinterest. Happy planning!

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