If You Like It, You Should Have Put a Pin On It!


You’ve just gotten engaged and there are way too many ideas in your head. You’re not sure where to start! If you’re like me, you may not have even thought about what you’d even do if you were planning your own wedding. If you aren’t sure how to organize your thoughts or ideas or if you just need a place with easy-to-find sources of inspiration to spark your creative wedding planning process, Pinterest is the best place to start!

1) Get ready to bookmark! Pinterest makes it easy for brides-to-be to bookmark and organize their ideas through images that they find. It also allows you to locate bridal articles, save related links, and find wedding blogs, which can lead to more resources for brides-to-be to investigate and potentially use throughout the wedding planning process.

2) Don’t get distracted! However, it is easy to get distracted by all the “pretties” and lose sight of narrowing down what you are looking for in the planning process while using Pinterest. While sifting through all of the wedding related content (and there is a lot on Pinterest), keep in mind the things that really draw you to pin them. Eventually you’ll notice a theme to what you keep pinning and, after connecting the dots, the ideas behind what you want for your wedding will become clear.

3) Get ready to share! After pinning, sorting, and putting together your Wedding Board on Pinterest, you can utilize this social media site to share your ideas and get feedback from people. You can send it to your wedding planner if you’ve hired one to give them a better understanding as to what your vision will be. By sharing your Pinterest Wedding Board with your planner, they’ll be able to fine tune your vision while also providing ways to make your vision sync up with your proposed budget. If you choose not to have a wedding planner and are seeking out friends and family to help you put together your dream wedding, you can also share your Board with them as well.

4) Or keep it private! You also have the option of making your Wedding Board on Pinterest private, so that no one else can steal your ideas. On Pinterest, a lot of people trade ideas and pin them while following other inspirational users’ boards. This can lead to ideas overlapping and could also lead to heightened anxiety over whether or not people will be stealing your concepts for your wedding. If you’re concerned about keeping your wedding ideas to yourself, then you have the option of making your Wedding Board private.

5) Step back! Once you’ve decided on a theme and have gathered all the inspiration that you require to conceptualize what you want your wedding to look like, it is time to step away from Pinterest. It’ll be tempting to add more to your Wedding Board. You’ll see something you’ll like and want to add it, but you must resist especially when you feel like you’ve reached what you consider to be your final conceptualized wedding. This is when it is time to throw in the towel and consider your Pinterest wedding planning done before moving on to the next step.

Keeping all of this in mind, utilizing Pinterest to jump start your wedding planning process should be fairly easy and should help ease some of the stress you’ll be feeling as you try to figure out where to start on your wedding journey. Good luck and start pinning!


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