Inviting Kids to the Wedding…. Or Not

Congratulations, you are engaged and in the nitty gritty of wedding planning!! Now it’s time to tackle the tough and sometimes uncomfortable subject of kids at a wedding! It is almost inevitable that someone you invite to the wedding will have children and depending on how you would like your wedding to go, you will have a family friendly or an adult only vibe to your day. We know that this subject may be pretty tricky, but it doesn’t’t have to be stressful. Kids can bring a fun element to any wedding, just as leaving the littles at home can create a stress-free environment for your guests! Think about what you want your big day to look like and be unapologetic about the atmosphere you want to remember the rest of your life!


Adults Only

So you have decided that you would like an adults only atmosphere, that’s great and its what YOU want!! Adults only can destress and be a fun way to let loose with your friends and family the way you used to before everyone grew up. Adults are just big kids at heart that need a night off of responsibilities too! This is sure to be a big hit, especially with some of your old rowdy friends turned parents! A great way to avoid any regretful RSVPs is to communicate early on that you would like an adults only wedding, this gives parents the opportunity to plan ahead for a safe and secure place for their children to go while celebrating your big day! Let your guests know that you care about their littles by offering up some babysitting options in the area, this will put them at ease, so they can kick up their heels on the dance floor and celebrate you!


If you would like to have kids in your wedding, but would like your guests to leave the kiddos at home — no worries!! For years, it has been tradition to have the children of your close family and friend’s to walk the aisle as a ring bearer, flower girl, bridesmaid, etc.. So we can imagine your distress if you have always wanted your niece to throw flower petals, but don’t want every extended family member or co-worker’s kids running around. Don’t fret lovelies, you CAN have it all and your Best Bride Wedding Planner WILL make sure the day goes as planned! We recommend explaining on your invites that the guest list is adults only, while also suggesting babysitting options (your guests will love this). If you are still worried about hurt feelings, you can always hire a babysitter for the kids in the bridal party to go with after the ceremony, that way you can have your beautiful niece in your wedding while keeping your reception strictly adult only.


Kiddie Korner

Since you have decided that you don’t mind little feet running around on your big day, you may want to think of ways to cater to them as well! While the parents will have the kiddos under control, be mindful of your guest in offering kid friendly options for food and entertainment. Kids eat much like birds and will eat small meals, while snacking and picking at food in between. A great way to not only save you money, but save parents the hassle of cutting up smaller portions is to offer a great kids option – bonus if it is a finger food!! We also suggest a kids’ snack table complete with kid alternatives (tip: nothing with a messy sauce) and packaged juice! Much like their eating habits, kids don’t stay interested in one event for long — so, while the kids will most likely love dancing, their attention span is often short and they will need something else to keep their mind entertained! We suggest offering a “kiddie korner” with games, toys and if you are able, a TV. Offer even more on site supervising for your guest’s children through hiring a family member or friend to monitor your kiddie corner, all while having that peace in mind that the parents are close for comfort!


The key to navigating through a tough subject when dealing with your guests is communication. Your guests will need clear instructions on whether or not to bring their children, so be specific on your invites and wedding website. There is nothing wrong with adult only, selective or family friendly weddings or receptions, so make sure to choose what fits you best! No matter what you decide, always keep in mind that it is ultimately up to you, and your Best Bride Wedding Planner will make it happen. Remember that the day is about you, your (almost) spouse and the combining of two worlds! Your guests will forget they couldn’t bring their children, but they will not forget the beauty of the love shared between someone they care for!


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