Plan it like L.A: Maid of Honor Edition

BEST BRIDE: “So, your here because your BFF friend since 8th grade just asked you  to be her maid of honor?”

Maid of honor: “Yes! It’s crazy, I’ve been a bridesmaid before and gone to plenty of weddings, but I am kinda secretly freaking out! I am so uncertain about my job as the maid of honor! What exactly does she expect of me? ! Am I supposed to throw a bridal shower?”

BEST BRIDE: “Yes, the maid of honor typically arranges the bridal shower. No worries MOH we have your back!” We have a simple, yet effective acronym PARTY, to help you ‘Plan it like L.A’  (extravagant — celebrity style– BEST BRIDE style) 


DISCLOSURE: The most important duty as a Maid of Honor is to listen to and collaborite with the bride. ….

Plan far ahead and pick a date! — Take your bride out to lunch and discuss the wedding date, registry, and any details/ideas she is leaning towards for her wedding. Take note// schedule the shower to be about a month before the wedding. (no need to fill her in on too many details, especially when your going L.A stlye. Keep her guessing and plan it so that, for her… its effortless.) 

Arrange a guest list.  Remember you are hosting — think of all the brides closest girl friends, sisters, and female family members. Consider you the amount of people you can host based on your venue. (we’ll discuss soon, but keep in mind) Be sure to invite ladies that the bride feels most comfortable around.

Reserve — Decide on venue. There are so many options when it comes to a Bridal Bash *by the pool side at modern chic home *a tea house in the city *fancy resturant *beach rental. Wherever you decide to throw this party, make sure you reserve ASAP. Send out invitations once you have chosen your venue and know the amount of space and enviroment you are working with. In the invitations include the bride’s registry so that guests have a good idea of the theme and gifts the bride expects.

 To do/ Make your to – do – list >> 1. Purchase/order decor 2. Organize refreshements 3. Purchase party favors 4. Plan entertainment (games, performers, music, etc;)  5. Create a schedule for the party. 6. Update the bride (let her know the date, and location)  

Yourself — Don’t forget how important you are to your best friend’s big day! Throwing a bridal bash isn’t the only duty you have as the MOH, so don’t let this wear you out. Make sure you take time to treat yourself, buy a new dress for the party, and don’t plan everything alone. You can ask the mother- in – law, bridesmaids, or mother of the bride for help bringing things together finacially, and physically.

CONGRATS MOH — YOU are “Planning it like L.A”







Stay Tuned for more “Plan it like L.A”

xoxo, LiyaNicole


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