Saying Aisle Do

Listen up ladies, let’s talk about running. No, I’m not talking about your wedding prep workout , think more along the lines of how your aisle is going to be so gorgeous that everyone from your aunt to your second cousin will want an entrance just like it for their chance at “aisle do” (see what we did there?). This is your grand entrance, the path that leads to your happily ever after. Let’s talk about what you want that moment to look like. Let’s talk wedding aisles.

The runners, the flowers, the candles, the look. Your wedding aisle literally leads you to your future, so why skimp? Make it a walk to remember! Here at Best Bride we strive to make your day as unique as you, so we have come up with some Best Bride looks to inspire and let loose your creative eye! Our favorite part of aisle design? No matter the look, every aisle is so unique to each couple. So if you can tear your eyes away from that new rock on your hand (we know the sparkle is distracting), we have 4 looks you won’t want to miss!

Timeless Classic

The timeless classic bride loves tradition, soft edges and beautiful blooms! She thrives on creating a romantic feel that spans the ages of time. Her wedding is a direct reflection of her classic roots where florals line the aisle. We adore the understated feel of blushes, nudes and floral runners that let the ceremony space do the talking. The classic bride knows what she wants and just how to get it; just count this as one of the many reasons why your spouse will adore the wedding and you!





Boho Chic

For our beautiful brides that love the idea of a relaxed, yet put together look, boho chic is for you. Achieving this look means whimsical earthy tones, boasting beautiful greens and vintage prints. Draping fabrics, beads and yarn can give an artful vibe. Channel your unique style with feathers instead of flowers and intricately detailed rugs in place of the traditional runner. A boho bride sweats nothing when it comes to her big day, the relaxed vibe will make you feel so connected with your guests and that brand new hubby!




Edgy Elegance

Edgy brides don’t play by the rules, they love to push the envelope on tradition with a sassy flare fit for their personality. We are loving the beautiful hard edges, rich darker colors and lighting that create a romantic feel. Play up your personality and put it in a showcase with a ceremony that can’t be copied. The unique heavier laces and suedes, will set your guests on “edge” as you sashay your way to your man.




Modern Bliss

Modern bliss is tradition with a twist in clean lines, artsy aisle runners and innovative ways to display florals and chair drapes. Think more into the overall architectural appeal of your venue and play into what you have with artful displays, patterns and sleek colors. Geometry has never been fun, but incorporating shapes, depth and quirks into your aisle will be the best way to use the math you never thought you needed! We love how all of these elements come together to create a truly unique and beautiful aisle. The modern bride doesn’t want a wedding like any other and is constantly looking for ways to wow her guests!





No one bride should have to walk the same walk, so no matter your look make sure your tastes as a couple take center stage as you take your first steps toward your future. So lovelies, take to our Pinterest and find your inspiration style to create your perfect aisle (too much rhyming? Nah, never!). At Best Bride, we live to make your day special and that means giving you the walk of a lifetime.


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