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You’ve been planning your big day for months, maybe years. You think you’ve covered everything, down to every last detail! You and the best wedding planner in LA are meticulous and confident that you’ve left no rock unturned. Now I pose to you an unlikely detail you may have overlooked: what the throw!  That’s right, throwing things–or rather, getting things thrown at you.

Let me clarify: after you and your beloved declare your vows and get the officiant’s blessing, you’ll likely be sauntering back up the aisle and out of the ceremony space, while you do so, it is traditional for your guests to toss small favors in the air, as a sendoff for well wishes and loads of love!  While strictly sticking to tradition, guests may throw rice in the air as the couple passes by.  Rice is a beautiful option, and makes for even more beautiful photos, but while we’re on the topic, let’s explore some more unconventional options!

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If you and your wedding coordinator are working on a low budget, never fear! Most sendoff props are particularly cost effective.  Try starting with pom poms, they’re cute, colorful, and make for an easy cleanup.  In the same vain of fun and cute, but with a considerable larger cleanup, confetti is a great option. You can have your guests hand throwing confetti, or provide your own personalized confetti poppers.



If you’re looking for more environmentally friendly options for an outdoor wedding ceremony, try using plantable confetti, which you can buy here. For alternative options specific to outdoor weddings, I suggest trying bird seeds or lavender. However, my personal favorite would have the be the equally beautiful and easy-to-DIY option of having your guests throw flower petals, which you can wrap in custom paper cones. Pictured below are wildflowers wrapped in sheet music, for a more bohemian-themed wedding; and rose petals wrapped in old book pages for a romantic feel. You can also purchase or make petal poppers (similar to confetti poppers).

For creative options that require your guests to only hold their props in the air as you walk past, try  ribbon wands for daytime weddings, made popular in 2012, or sparklers for nighttime weddings.  Both options create a visual display sure to leave you and your guests speechless, and make for adorable customized packaging; As every best bride knows, a great wedding is all in the details!

To release your inner child, visually striking send off props for either day or night, respectively, are balloons and floating lanterns.  During the day, monotone or multicolored balloons tied to the back of your guests chairs make for an interesting photo composition for your photographer to capture.  If you choose the floating lantern options, you would likely save this send off for later on in the actual wedding reception.  Being surrounded by loved ones as you release your shining wishes into the sky is sure to create some unforgettable memories.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, give both options a try!


Outdoor weddings are the perfect opportunity for even more childlike fun, and to really WOW your guests. If your ceremony takes place on the beach, have your guests toss mini beach balls into the air! Your wedding photos will develop beautifully as the bright colors of the beach balls color your backdrop, and you and your new spouse burst out in laughter. A second, more cost effective option is having your guests glide paper airplanes through the air.  This option is perfect for airforce weddings, completely customizable, and unique.

Last but not least, our suggestions for the ultimate send off make for the ultimate romantic getaway.  As you and your new spouse travel back up the aisle, have your guests throw paper hearts and other shapes cut from any sentimental paper good; try using your favorite book, or maybe copies of love notes to and from your significant other. I suggest using colored paper for a more photogenic effect.  This option is similar to using confetti, but can be made much more personal, or purchased here and here.  For a whimsical and fun experience, have your guests blow bubbles! The effect will be beautiful, and the experience will be one-of-a-kind for both you and your guests.

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No matter which items you choose for your ceremony send off, you’re sure to make you and your guests smile from ear to ear.  However, when picking the perfect prop, I would like to advise you against using beach sand, as the particles could potentially fly into you or your guests’ eyes, causing irritation; or colored sprinkles, as the dye could wipe off and stain your dress!  Of course be mindful of the costs and feasibility of your choices, but take comfort in the fact that your big day will be special with any of these options!

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