Spring In Your Step


The best thing about having a wedding in March, is having a Spring wedding! Beautiful butterflies flitting from blooming flowers, while blushing brides admire their colorful decorations. Spring weddings are all about having fun! They represent new life and new beginnings, for a true spring celebration, plan your ceremony or reception outdoors, in the middle of the afternoon, with the sun shining and plently of people in attendance! You can easily opt for an event tent in case of poor weather. Plus, if you have your wedding on a Sunday afternoon or even on a weeknight, the demand is way less and it's possible to get better rates/deals!

The lucky thing about March is it's the end of winter yet just the beginning of spring, with plenty of traditional and/or whimsical color themes to choose from for your big day. Use bright ribbons and sashes to tastefully accent your reception. Bold patterns, like stripes and polka dots, are classic, creative, yet still playful, and you can apply them to just about anything, your dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, table decorum, bouquet, shoes, centerpiece, etc… Go all out with those whimsical designs that draw you in, it's time to show everyone just how creative you are.

To avoid your wedding looking like an Easter explosion, choose only one or two bright springtime colors and incorporate them throughout the decorum for your ceremony and reception. Some lovely color combos to consider are: mint & peach, pink & green, purple & yellow, light blue & dark brown, or even green & white or green & gold if you want to encorporate the St. Patrick's Day spirit. The nice thing about March is the whole color palette is at your disposal, but if you want to keep with the spring feeling, lean towards pastel shades like mint, peach, lavender, mauve, turquise, yellow, coral, cream. If you are feeling lively, mix it up with bright and light shades of green, navy, red, purple, yellows and pinks.

Fresh flowers like daisies, tulips, roses and peonies are now in season, plus they come in a variety of bright colors, and look beautiful incorporated in a bouquet or accenting your wedding cake. Another creative idea would be incorporating fresh fruits and/or flowers on your wedding cake, or even opting to use fruity flavors such as mango, raspberry, pineapple or strawberry. Adorn each guest tables with colorful floral centerpieces, paper decorations, flower petals, jelly beans, coffee beans, confetti, or even brightly colored candles. Try something new with multicolor balloons, picture frames,and flower pots strategically strewn about. Lavish your March wedding with ethereal and fresh decorations to compliment your special day, as it is only the beginning; a celebration of a brand new life for you and your partner.


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