Sweating for the Wedding

Have you been thinking about shedding some pounds before the big day to assure that you look your best for your wedding? I know, it can be tough to commit to, especially if you haven’t worked out since you decided to rock your freshman 15, but by following these simple steps you can have fun while dropping some serious lbs.

Step One
Work-Out Wardrobe

Okay, this is my favorite part about deciding to get in shape again, buying new work out clothes. And by being a bride to be that gives you the right to all of the bridal work out tank tops your heart desires. Here are a few of my favorites! Click on the picture to take you right to the site to purchase.

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Step Two
Finding a Diet That Works for You

Don’t drop ALL of your favorite foods, of course there is always time for a piece of chocolate cake, but of course when it comes to loosing weight you will have to start up a healthy diet! Here are some foods that are good for your metabolism and burn off annoying, access fat:

1. Egg Whites- they’re rich in amino acids, which keeps your metabolism stoked.
2. Water, water, and more water- even if your body is slighty dehydrated, your metabolism knows, and it will slow down! Make sure to keep a bottle of h20 on you at all times. Try buying a Brita Water Bottle to save money on buying plastic water bottles!
3. Chili Peppers (if you like a kick in your meals)- I know not everyone is a fan of spicy foods, but if you’re anything like me then the more peppers you can add to your diet, the better. They contain capsaicin, which is a chemical compound that kicks your metabolism into high gear. It is suggested to add a tablespoon to one meal a day.
4. Coffee- Okay, I know we can all get onboard with that one! Finally, an excuse behind your addiction. A study found in Physiology & Behavior that the average metabolic rate of people that drink caffinated coffee was 16% higher than those who drink decaf.
5. Green Tea- It contains a plant compound called EGCG which promotes fat burning. Check out Fit Tea (celebs rave about this stuff)
6. Whole Grains- These help your body burn more fat because they take more effort to break down than processed grains. So yes, go with the whole wheat toast at brunch, your body will thank you.

Another thing I love to do is check Pinterest for healthy, easy to cook recipes! Simply add them to your wedding board that you’ve been working on since 2010 and check back to them every time your making your lunch for work or dinner at home. Really try replacing pop with water as often as possible. (No more Mcdonald’s diet cokes, ahhh….but it will be sooo worth it, trust me.) A healthy diet alone will do wonders for your body so get started as soon as possible.


Step Three
Finding a Work Out Plan That Works for You

:( the hard part…but that’s okay because here are some fun ways to get your body moving!

1. Okay so you’ll never guess what I found…a BRIDAL BOOTCAMP right here in Los Angeles, I’m honestly stoked for you. You and your bridal party can all work out together with other brides going towards the same goal, which makes it all the more easier! It’s affordable and beneficial. Check out Bene-fit Bridal Boot Camp!!!
2. Not enough time for boot camp? Okay, but there’s always time for Netflix. Check out this awesome article that provides you with 43 awesome work outs that allow you to watch an ungodly amount of TV. So another unhealthy habit justified by Sweating for the Wedding, that’s fine.
3. Join a yoga class. I know we all see our friends becoming a part of the yoga world on social media, and now’s a better time for you to hop on board than ever. Burn wedding planning stress and calories at the same time!
4. Join any kind of work out class really. Whether it’s zumba, yoga, boot camp, step, or pilates, becoming a part of a class makes working out so much more fun because you’re working towards your goals with an entire group motivating you! My advice is to pay for your classes up front so your forced to go and can’t opt out last minute because you don’t feel like going.



OK LADIES, NO MORE EXCUSES, go work your booties off. And have fun, because that’s what wedding planning should be about. Just remember to set goals and keep them clear in front of you. Happy sweating!


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