The Engagement Guide

I Promise, I Will…Now What!?

The engagement guide for the new bride!

After your head stops spinning, you wipe away those happy tears and your feet finally hit the ground; pull up a chair, grab a glass and begin planning your way to forever.



He popped the question, now it’s time to pop some bubbly! Being engaged is an amazing whirlwind toward the journey of a lifetime with the one who holds your heart! Before the questions, the planning and the craziness take a moment to celebrate just between you two. Relish in the moment that will forever be your first marital memory!

Tell. Your. Family.

A wedding is a celebration of an eternal bond between two people and ultimately two families, so why not involve them from the get go? Your family will appreciate getting the update from you, and not your social media page. So grab your phone and get ready for happy crying, questions and using the word “fiancé”.

Insta and Insure

Now that you’ve gotten a manicure and made your new bling Insta famous, it’s time to protect it from any unexpected hazards the world may throw! Insurance is one of those “adult words” that never seem to be fun, but we promise you will be thankful you did this sooner instead of later!


“When’s the big day?” is one of the most frequently asked question when you start announcing your engagement, so buckle down with your new fiancé (there’s that word again) and find the best day for you! The date will not only set everyone’s mind at ease, but will be one of the most important details that you will communicate with your wedding planner, your venue and all of your vendors!

Establish a Budget $$$

Planning your wedding budget can be a daunting task, but it’s one of those necessary components that will help guide you in the right direction toward your nuptials! Setting a budget early can help avoid financial stress later on, leading you footloose and fancy free down the aisle toward your – dare we say it – new spouse!!

Pick Your Wedding Party

Not only will your wedding party be with you every step of the way during wedding planning, but they will be your support system when things get tough down the road. While you may not be able to please everyone, we suggest picking close family/friends that will help you toward marital bliss for many years to come!

Find Your Style

Here comes the fun part, finding what inspires your love and personal style! Think about the kind of mood and overall look you would like your special day to have, that way you don’t get carried away during your Pinterest binge! This part of the planning process can really bring your creativity together while finding out what inspires you as a couple to make the day unique to you!

Hire a Wedding Planner!!

Wedding planning is an exciting process, but it can also be stressful when dealing with family, vendors and guests! A wedding planner is one of the best ways to eliminate the stress and let a professional guide you through the planning process. Although you may be thinking, “Why Hire a Wedding Planner”, Best Bride offers the best wedding planners in the Beverly Hills area who are committed to making your dreams a reality! Stop in for a complimentary consultation, you’ll be glad you did!

Throw a Party

Engagement parties allow the opportunity for both families to get to know one another even better before the big day, as well as officially announcing to the world that it is getting real!! Now that you have your wedding planner, it is time to put her to work incorporating your style inspiration into your (official) first big celebration being engaged! Besides, who doesn’t love another reason to celebrate and eat cake!

Relax, put your feet up and ENJOY!!

Now that you have started knocking things off your list, it is time to relax and enjoy being engaged! Too often couples forget that being engaged is an exciting mile stone in their relationship and miss out how fun it to have such a big day to look forward too! Take a day off from planning and do something to de-stress, spending quality time just enjoying one another. Besides, your Best Bride wedding planner has your timeline under control!


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