The Survival Kits and You

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The day is here and everything is planned to the sweet end. The florist has brought the right flowers and the cake is deliciously perfect. Oh no! There’s a hole on the bridesmaid’s dress, a stain on the bride’s dress and the mother-in-law is in dire need of some hair pins. Rest assure, your survival kit is ready to act! A wedding is a major event. Any bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen or guests understand this. This is an incredibly beautiful and stressful day for the couple. There’s no room for sugar coating this. The couple have planned this day to the last rose petal and center piece. This is a day you want everything to go exactly as planned, but sometimes unexpected surprises may arise. Maybe the dress gets caught at the corner of a table or the bridesmaid running up and down the stairs carrying necessary items has her eyeshadow running down her cheek. Accidents will happen and being prepared for these small, but disastrous incidents is important.

Many stores offer small pouches that contain a few of these items, but making some homemade survival kits will definitely be worth the time and money. A great place to store the items are small pouches with the names of the bridesmaids. In addition, buying reusable bags for for the items is a handy, affordable, and eco-friendly way to make the kit a to-go kit!

Here are some vital items to add to a survival kit for your wedding.

Mini Sewing Kit

Adding needles, thread, buttons, small scissors and safety pins will be a must!


These will definitely come in handy for stray hairs or instant splinters.

Baby Powder

This moisture-absorbing lifesaver will be a little helper during hot summer weddings, crowded rooms and when those pesky nerves start to kick in.


Maybe the powder isn’t working, so some extra undergarments will be heaven sent!


We are all human and Mother Nature arrives during the most unexpecting times. Maybe the bride might not need it, but someone else will be counting on one.

Makeup Remover

Eyeshadow and eyeliner mistakes tend to happen when you’re in a hurry, but this will make it all disappear.

Foot Treatment

Blisters happen so bring some of this magic cream so everyone can dance the night away!


It’s a wedding, we all need a tissue for such a tender moment or for a pesky running nose.

First Aid Kit

You need to remember safety is always first! Include bandages, antiseptic and burn relief for instant accidents.


As stated above, this is a beautiful and stressful day. A wedding includes several things and some of those are headaches, allergies and indigestion. Be prepared and include pain reliever, allergy medicine and antacid


People forget this vital item every morning and chances are the bride or bridesmaids might have forgotten as well.


This one is obvious. There could be a missed section as you changing into your dress or about to step out into the ceremony.

Stain Remover pen

Let’s hope you won’t use this, but accidents happen.

Hair Bands and Bobby Pins

Not just Bobby uses them, so take advantage! They are useful items to have 24/7!


Saved the best for last. This can add some courage and relief on a stressful day. Don’t drink too much before the reception has even begun!

Maybe you won’t use none of the items you packed, but knowing you are ready for any unexpected accident can definitely bring some tranquility to mind. So grab the girls because you are ready for whatever the day brings!


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