Tips For Your Dessert Bar


If you are anything like me, the first thing you focus on at an event is the food, especially the desserts offered. This is especially the case with today’s weddings as more and more brides are starting to use dessert bars and buffets at their weddings to provide more variety outside of the typical wedding cake. This has led to more creativity and more enjoyment for the guests before they plunder the vast array of options before them. If you are interested in having a dessert bar at your wedding, take a look at my tips below to figure out how to set up an attractive and successful dessert bar.


Highs and Lows – The best way to draw the eyes of your guests is by creating a display with levels i.e. highs and lows. This can easily be done by utilizing high and low trays, possibly using the lower trays to hold the more singular desserts like, for example, a miniature cake as displayed in the picture above. You can also play with the width of the trays, which can help with the spacing of the desserts if you’re worried about spacing at your dessert bar. Tiered platters are especially helpful in this regard because you not only have a bunch of room to place your desserts, but they are easy to use for the purpose of creating levels in your display.


Access – The usual set up for a dessert bar is to have a table up against the wall or to crowd chairs around the table display. Although this is an okay set up, it is not the most efficient way to create a smooth dessert grabbing process for your guests. This type of set up is how lines form and how guests can become cranky. My suggestion would be to provide access for guests to grab dessert from both sides of the dessert bar. Maybe by setting the dessert bar in the middle of the reception area, this would create the space needed in order to have access on both sides and also to have all your guests congregate while nomming happily on all the delicious desserts.


Label Your Desserts -. If you plan on having a dessert bar instead of just having a wedding cake for your guests to share, you’re going to have a lot of options to display. Having a lot of options can lead to confusion, especially if something is hard to identify. What I recommend doing so as to alleviate the confusion for your guests while also giving them ways to hone in on their dessert preferences is to create cute identifying tags. This will let your guests know what their options are. If you want to go a step further, you could also put on the back of the tag a list of ingredients. This can help out people who have specific food allergies that they need to take care of.


Stay Away From the Heat – The last thing you need to worry about is having your desserts melting everywhere, especially at your wedding. Sunlight, especially in Southern California, is hard to avoid and is oftentimes forgotten throughout the planning process. This means that your dessert could possibly be left unprotected, especially if you are planning on having an outdoor wedding or reception. One way that this can be fixed is by locating your dessert bar underneath an awning, which will prevent your dessert bar from being under direct sunlight. Another thing to take into consideration is air conditioning. If you’re planning on having a wedding in the summer or fall, it may be best to move the desserts indoors since temperatures during those particular times of the year can get sweltering.


Baggies…Baggies for Everyone – With a dessert bar, not everything is going to be eaten up unless your guests have a major sweet tooth. This means that there will be excess dessert after the reception is done. Normally, venues tend to toss out excess leftovers into the trash. If you don’t want anything to go to waste, I’d recommend providing baggies and boxes so you and your guests can bring some of the desserts home with them. This option kills two birds with one stone.

Picking and planning out dessert options can be a delicious, yet complicated task especially with the rise in dessert bars and buffets at today’s weddings.There are a few ways to arrange and set up a dessert bar but, with the tips I’ve provided, I believe that you will be able to develop an efficient and enjoyable dessert bar for your guests without any real complications on your part. I hope that these tips were helpful and that, if you choose a dessert bar, your dessert bar is a success!


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