To Save the Date or Not to Save the Date

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Okay, so you’re engaged…now the excitement and planning begins! Ideally, the next step is to figure out a date and let your guests know. The simplest way to do this is to send a Save the Date. While they may not have been a part of the wedding planning checklist 20 years ago, these simple cards are becoming a necessity more and more! As today’s world grows ever more complicated, it is important to let your guests know your plans well in advance. Fair warning! If you send them a Save the Date, you must actually send an invitation as well! Looking at ideas can also give you wedding inspiration for planning your big day.

As for general rules, you want to send out the cards 6 months in advance, or if your engagement is shorter than that, you’ll want to send them out as soon as you pick the date. As the name suggests, you’ll want to include your names, as well as the date. The location is another key point to put on the card, especially if you are having a destination wedding. This will give your guest the ability to request  the proper time off, if travel is required.


For some, the Save the Date is just an added expense on the ever growing list of things to buy and things to do. Although it is your day, it is important to make sure your guests are as ready for your wedding as you are! The Save the Date also sets the tone for your wedding, and you’ll want the card to coordinate with the style of your event and match your color scheme. This way, guests will know exactly what to expect for the big day. With an affordable wedding planner, sending out Save the Dates should be a breeze!


Now that you know the general rules for a Save the Date, let’s talk about the different types. The most economical type would be to email your cards, which may sound odd, but don’t shrug this option off too fast. With E-vite Invitations, you also get the added bonus of having a RSVP directly attached to the Save the Date. With a fairly good range of free options to choose from, sending a quick announcement via email might not be such a bad idea!

The most common option for a Save the Date is by mail. This way, your guests have something they can hold onto, a visual reminder so they can prepare for your wedding! Their cards can be purchased through retailers such as, Walmart, Walgreens. Even Etsy sells high quality, homemade cards that add an extra pizzazz to your cards! Shops that specialize in stationery are the best cost-effective option if you are going to be printing more than just the Save the Dates. Some retailers will give you discounts if you buy a certain amount at one time, so look into buying your invitations and Save the Dates simultaneously!


Other trends that are up and coming are Save the Date magnets. This creative solution for keeping the card in a convenient place also reduces the chances that your guests will lose the information. The drawback is the price. You’ll end up paying more for the magnet itself and again in the postage when you mail your cards out. The magnets are definitely a convenience that you pay for.

The last trend that has come up recently is a video Save the Date. Now, trust me, I was a little hesitant about this one, but one that was recently published on Buzzfeed with the title of the article, “This Couple’s Epic Save The Date Will Make You Wish You Were Invited To The Wedding” made me change my mind. The best part? They weren’t even professionals! So if you are wanting to do something creative and unlike any of your friends, try doing a video Save the Date!

Choosing to use Save the Dates aren’t for everyone, but there are benefits for having them. Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly informative Save the Dates get people excited for your wedding. So take the time to look into the different options and find the one that best suits you! Is Saving the date something you want to do for your wedding? Which option do you like the best?

Happy planning!

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