Unique Wedding Venues

Some couples dream to have the kind of wedding others wish to duplicate. It all starts with location, location, location. The nice thing is often times, unique wedding venues can be even cheaper to rent out than designated wedding venues. Or at the very least, they will look just as magnificent before and after with little need for extra decoration. An unusual wedding venue can create some hassles, but it results in great story opportunities and memorable, one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.You want your wedding to be unique, memorable and entertaining, but it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect backdrop for the festivities. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and the possibilities can vary based on a number of factors, such as the time of year, budget and the number of guests you have in mind. When it comes to your wedding and reception, though, let your personal style be your guide. You can guarantee that you will end up with the wedding of your dreams. Listed below are one of a kind, out of the box, wedding locations:

Museums: Museums are creative venues for lovers of the arts, history buffs, animal lovers, and admirers of paintings alike. Cool exhibits such as dinosaurs, realistic animal life, and suspended exhibits make the place come alive. Most museums have incredible archistructure, with high ceilings with wide archways and elaborate windows, which make for dynamic photo opportunities and because of all the exhibits and paintings, little extra decoration is needed to make everything come together.


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Winery: There is something undeniably romantic about vineyards and wineries. They are picturesque, rustic, and have breathtaking views.  Also, you can guarantee that you will get a nice discount on popular vintage for your wedding party. Wineries have a cozy feel to them, yet expansive enough to host every last person on your wedding list. Wineries are popping up in lots of states across the nation, so pretty soon you won’t have to worry about traveling far to have the wedding of your dreams.


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Zoo: Zoos are the perfect place for animal lovers to get married. Maybe you could only dream of getting married on an African safari, most cities have zoos centrally located and they have beautiful locations to choose from. Just imagine, arrangements can be made for you to celebrate your special day among your favorite wildlife; you can get married near the monkeys and make use of all the beautiful foliage surrounding the monkey pens, or the beautiful butterfly exhibits, maybe the undersea creatures are more your thing, the possibilities are truly endless. Alot of animals come to life in the evening, and it can be quite romantic. Who knows you might even get lucky and have some critters that want to join the party.




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Aquariums: If your love for the sea goes beyond the aquatic life at the zoo, and you wish for a more interactive experience, consider celebrating your wedding at an aquarium. With the blue overwash, constant movement of colorful fish, you will feel like you are swimming in the sea. Your wedding party can interact with all the aquatic life bustling about, plus the gigantic tanks make for incredible photo backdrops. There’s something magical about water that makes festive occasions feel so special, all the while seeming effortless and magical at the same time. Make your own aquatic romance, you can be like Ariel finally marrying her prince.


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Share your thoughts: Would you like to have your wedding at any of the above mentioned locations? Do you have any other types of venues in mind?

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