Wedding Prep: Workout Edition

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Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her big day. Here at best bride we know that it can be hard to get in a good workout between the cake tasting, dress fittings and overall planning. Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, we have put together the ultimate guide, tips and tricks to help you achieve your wedding ready look with just 30 minutes each day!

{{Workout Tip #1}}

One of our fan favorites here at Best Bride is to challenge your bridal party to get fit with you! What’s better than spreading your fitness love to your closest friends and family? Weekly workouts can begin to feel mundane, so make things more interesting and take on a bride vs groom challenge to see what team can achieve their fitness goals first! It’s a fun way to spice up any boring old workout routine, while achieve positive results for everyone!

{{Workout Tip #2}}

Taking on a new fitness journey can be discouraging when you don’t see the results you wanted right away. We suggest taking weekly progress photos to help you compare for results and stay motivated toward your end goals!  Remember it takes you 4 weeks to notice change, your friends 8 weeks and the rest of the world 12 weeks – don’t give up!!

{{Workout Tip #3}}

Maximize your fitness journey by adding in some healthy food choices to help boost your energy as you work toward your goals! Try swapping out your afternoon soda for a water or tea, opt out of that chocolate bar in favor of your favorite fruit or nut combo, grab some greens for your next lunch and say no to those tempting greasy choices. Small tweaks to your everyday food menu can lead to long lasting healthy results!

{{Best Bride Workout Guide}}

Now it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of creating a plan that is specific to you, your dress and your lifestyle! Check out our Best Bride favorite moves tailored to target your most loved areas! Pair these workouts with our Best Bride weekly workout guide and start sweating your way to a healthy and blissful day celebrating you, your spouse and whole ‘lotta LOVE!

Show off those shoulders in a strapless or A line dress with these 4 Best Bride favorites! All eyes will be on those tight, toned arms of yours making you want to flex your way down the aisle.

[3 Sets of 15]

*Bicep Curls                                               *Reverse Shoulder fly

*Tricep Extensions                                     *Shoulder press

tricep-extensions-300x300 bicep-curls1-300x268 Reverse-Shoulder-Fly-300x300 Shoulder-Press-243x300







Want a jaw dropping entrance? Backless dresses are perfect for showing off a toned back and core as you strut your stuff toward the man of your dreams!

[3 Sets of 15]

*Back extensions                                        *Superman Raises

*Planking                                                    *Frogger Crunch


back-extension-300x281 Butterfly-Crunch-300x300 Planking-300x300 superman-back-raises-300x300







It’s time to talk buns and thighs! Show off your bootyful curves in a mermaid style or shorter hemline dress with these booty burning workouts!

[3 Sets of 15]

*Box Steps                                                  *Donkey Kicks

*Side Steps                                                 *Squats

Dumbell-Squat-300x168 box-steps Donkey-kicks-exercises-300x273 Side-Step-300x181






An allover tight sheath dress can take center stage of the wedding, highlighting all your hard work! Check out our full bodycardio workouts for the ultimate toning and fat burn.

[3 Sets of 15]

*Weighted Jumping Jacks                             *Plank Tuck Ups

*Burpees                                                       *High Intensity Running


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