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One of the most exciting parts of planning has to be choosing your wedding dress! Every girl dreams of the day she puts on the perfect dress. gets that heart pounding feeling and knows that no one else can pull off this little number like she can. Choosing a dress, though, can sometimes be hard when you have no idea where to start. There’s so many options, styles, lace, no lace, jewels or no jewels, it can be extremely overwhelming, but the best place to start is choosing a dress that is best for your body type.


Ball Gown

This style is encouraged for brides that have stockier, boyish figures, and the fullness of the dress will make anyone look curvier! Avoid this style of a dress if you are a petite size. The fullness will become too much and make you look as if you’re swimming in your dress.



Column Gown

This style is encouraged for petite brides or brides with a sleek figure, and this dress will make you appear longer. Try avoiding this style if you are pear shaped because the silhouette will be unflattering and make you appear unbalanced.



Trumpet Gown

The trumpet style gown is encouraged for curvier brides in search of a form fitting dress. This dress is easier to move in with the loose bottom but has a flattering bodice. A bride can show off her curves in a beautiful and classy way.



A-Line Gown

This dress is perfect for all body types! It is the most popular gown style. If you’re looking for something flattering and a little more on the conservative side, this is a great style to look in to.



Drop Waist Gown

This style of dress is for perfect for brides who want to show off their midsection. This dress hugs your waist and hips, so if you are not comfortable with your midsection, ans it is not something you’re willing to flaunt, it is best to avoid this style.



Mermaid Gown

The mermaid style is great for brides with an hourglass figure. This gown is perfect for showing off your curves, but if you don’t want something tight and figure hugging, try avoiding this dress style.



Hopefully this mini guide will lead you in the direction of your perfect wedding dress, or at least give you an idea of what you’re looking for. You’re dress should resemble you and help you feel beautiful (even though you totally already will be!) for the day. If you choose a dress that is slightly uncomfortable but you’re absolutely in love with (beauty is pain, right?) try looking into an alternate, more comfortable, dress to wear for your reception. Happy hunting! :)

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