Is your 4-legged Friend on your Guest List?

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Our furry friends are practically family, so why aren’t you inviting them to your wedding? 

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Your wedding day is a time for all of your loved ones to gather and celebrate – even if that loved one has four legs and a tail. Pets in weddings is a trend on the rise, and based off these photos, it’s not hard to see why!

Including your pet in your wedding day definitely comes with some important factors to consider. Where are they going to stay during the reception? Who’s going to look after them? Will they have food and water? Check out some tips on how to best include your pet in your special day.


Wedding Day Pet “DO’s”

1. A “pet area” is a must – especially if your best friend is a dog! Having a special area of your reception where your dog can eat, have water, and play will take away any stress of having him or her there! Perhaps even hiring a dog sitter for the event – someone to handle and play with your furry friend!

2. Consider your pet’s personality – do they get anxious in large crowds? Are they a jumper or a runner? Easily excited? When considering the role your pet plays in your wedding, first consider they’re personality. If you have a runner on your hands, be sure to keep them on a short leash. Does your dog tend to be skittish? Find a way to carry or wheel them down the aisle.

3.  Double check with your venue to make sure pets are allowed! If not, you can always include them in your Save the Dates or pre-ceremony photographs!


Still not sure how to include your pet in your wedding? Check out these ideas for some animal inspiration!


It’s all in the Decor…















Pets Down the Aisle…


Who said only humans could be in the wedding party?



A getaway…


And let’s not forget our more “exotic” friends – weddings aren’t only for dogs these days!

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What could be better than celebrating  your special day with your furry friends? Not much! Add your pet to your guest list and enjoy a wedding day full of ALL your loved ones!



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