Aida + Farzam

The beautiful couple, Aida & Farzam, tied the knot at the Mountaingate Country Club, a breathtaking venue in Los Angeles. It was a brilliant summer day, foreshadowing the unforgetable festivities to come. Aida and Farzam prepared for the night’s festivities with the help of their friends & family. Aida generously presented her bridesmaid’s with adorable personalized bottles of wine and blue lace Toms for when their feet got tired, but they wanted to keep dancing.

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It was a gorgeous Persian wedding. Crystal embellishments adorned the wedding station where Aida & Farzam exchanged vows, along with edible sweets in Persian wedding tradition. Multifaceted mirrors held jewel adorned trays of delicacies, floral arrangements, trinkets and baubles galore.

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The couple pulled out all the stops when it came to matters of the belly. Guests feasted like royalty off of golden plates. Showcased on the dance floor, was the three-tier wedding cake. Partygoers snacked on hor de vours passed around on elegant trays. The taco station was a hit, with a line wrapping around the entire room, while the sushi was so popular, the crowd around it didn’t die until people were ushered to the reception. Dinner was a tantalizing Persian buffet with a seemingly never ending fruit and pastry spread to conquer even the sweetest tooth. 

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Decorated like a glittering wonderland, the reception seemed like something out of a fairy tale. With soft floral arrangements scattered about, a black & white dance floor that resembled a chess board, twinkle lights above the reception, and surprise showgirls, there was never a dull moment. Laughter and tears of joy were the theme of the night. Guests enjoyed a night of spectacle, luxury, and happiness as everyone came together to celebrate. And while we were lucky to experience this brilliant evening with the lovely couple, in the end the lucky winners are Farzam & Aida, to have finally found their other half in eachother.

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Vendors: White Rose ProductionMr. B’s Flowers, 90210 Entertainment Group, Abbas Shakarchi, Elite Make up Designs


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