Taylor Sandella

About Taylor Sandella

Originally from New York City, I am currently a Psychology student at New York University, pursuing both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees simultaneously. When I don’t have my head in the books, you can find me at the beach soaking up the sun and salt water, favorite quesadilla and coffee in-hand, listening to Louis Armstrong play on the radio. I have been extremely lucky to spend the summer of 2015 in California, where I was able to become a part of the Best Bride team! I am beyond excited to be given this opportunity, and cannot wait to weave this new experience into the tapestry of my life. Since coming to California, I’ve discovered the beauty in traveling and immersing myself in an unfamiliar place, and I can’t wait to start new journeys to many more far-away lands. Similarly, I strive to approach every new day with positivity and warmth, and understand that life is in itself a journey, and it’s all the pit stops, wrong turns, and mini excursions along the way that matter much more than reaching the destination. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not easy to take a big step forward, especially one that may possibly change the course of your life forever, but with Best Bride I am so excited to take that leap. Writing for the blog at Best Bride is easily at the top of my list of greatest and most exciting opportunities, as I’ve always had a passion for both writing and designing! Specifically, I enjoy crafting my writing so that I connect with my readers through both mind and body, while using my knowledge of psychology to enhance my technique. When designing everything from greeting cards to craft projects, I find inspiration in the vibrant colors of nature, while always striving to see the inner beauty in all people, places, and pretty little things. Weddings, in my opinion, are the epitome of this concept: for one magical night, everyone can come together and enjoy in the beauty they’ve jointly been a part of creating. To be able to fashion this experience of paradise for families, grooms, and brides is what makes wedding planning and working for Best Bride so rewarding. At the very least, I hope that readers, every time they reach the last punctuation mark of a post, will find themselves wearing a smile.