How to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

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Bridesmaids dresses come in many beautiful styles, and colors. Choosing a single style (or complementing mismatched styles) can be overwhelming but can be solved. Whether you prefer bold or dainty, chiffon or satin, fire-engine red or peach pastels–your dress combination is out there.

It will happen. . .  It will be perfect.


Brides dress. All brides dream about finding the ideal wedding day, however for this they need the best bridal wear, with the bridesmaid's outfits enhancing the brides-to-be dress. These are a number of ideas on wedding dresses.1. Take into account your wedding dress.

It’s important to choose bridesmaids dresses that will set off your gown to its best advantage. Traditionally, bridesmaids dresses are full-length. However, if your dress is long, you may want short, tea-length, or even long just like you! If your dress is ivory, or pink–a deep color like navy blue will set off either shade of wedding gown. There is so much you can do and luckily so many options, it’s just UP TO YOU!



The main components of a dress are its neckline, bustline, waistline, and hemline. For example, let’s say your wedding dress is strapless, you could have your maids dresses all strapless to match, or to set yours apart, you could choose a style with a higher neckline and/or sleeves.



2. Your maids.

Consider body types, and skin tones when choosing dress styles and colors. You might be in love with a dress style, but it will not help your wedding if it’s not flattering to your bridesmaids. If your entourage includes very fair attendants alongside very tanned, or dark-skinned ladies–a bold dress color (royal purple, deep navy, sea green) will easily complement both.

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Plus-size bridesmaids may be more comfortable in a dress with more coverage, and a style to accentuate and flatter their curves. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are amazing when your maids needs are diverse. Pick complimentary colors, and styles to suit each of your bridesmaids needs, and set your wedding dress apart.


Texas winter wedding with green mismatched bridesmaid dress and maid of honor in black dress to match black suits and ties of groomsmen.


Some tips to keep your “mismatched dresses” from going wrong: keep all the lengths the same, take great care that each dress truly flatters each bridesmaid, and it’s usually safest to have mismatched style dresses in the same exact color (order all from the same company). Be sure to order all the dresses at the same time, to ensure the dresses are from the same dye batch.



3. Ordering dresses.

It is best to order EARLY, a minimum of 3-6 months in advance.Leave yourself some extra time– for any alterations. Designer dresses made to order take time, and there will be minor adjustments and alterations to be made. If your dresses will be ready in 6 weeks, set an additional 6 weeks for “tailoring time.” Never go by generic sizes. Measure each bridesmaid, and look up your dress company’s sizing chart. Bridal sizes are bigger than you normal off-the rack size so keep that in mind. A bigger size can always be taken up, but too small– won’t work out.



After you’ve settled on your dresses style(s), don’t forget about the fabric. Are you going to have extended dancing in your reception? Is this a style of dress easily danced in? Sleeves that allow the arms to be raised over the head, A-line styles that flare out over the hips, and conservative necklines will add confidence on the dance floor.


Emerald green gowns, bridesmaids, modern wedding dress, fur stoles, satin // Catherine Rhodes Photography


What time of year is your wedding? How will the weather and temperature affect your bridesmaids in their dresses? If it’s winter time, you may want to go with long sleeves, or a formal shrug/cape to help ward off the chill. For warmer seasons, your accessory options open up greatly. Barefoot sandals, natural flower crowns, off-the-shoulder, and high-slit styles are all examples of warm weather benefits.


bridesmaids and bridal photos


5. Allow your bridesmaids to give you some input.

Getting some different ideas about dress colors, and styles will help you figure out precisely what you want. Always give consideration to your bridesmaids’ needs, but don’t be afraid to stand up for what you’re really wanting for your wedding.

And when your order of dresses comes–that’s when the fun begins! Here’s wishing you an amazing wedding day with all the people who love you!


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