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How do you say both ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ at the same time?  With the perfect wedding favors of course! Wedding favors are your way of saying you appreciate your guests’ company, and choosing the right one may be the cherry on top of your special day.

When I say “right one”, I mean the right one for YOU and your partner; As long as you choose items that are personal and meaningful, you can’t go wrong!  Conveniently, we live in an age where you can get just about anything personalized.  In theory, you could add a bride-and-groom image, or some text with your wedding date, to just about any small object that can act as a favor.  But why not ditch the traditional candles and small frames that you undoubtedly have stashed in your closet like ghosts of weddings passed, and opt for more unconventional ideas instead?  Whether you want to DIY, or simply add a twist to the traditional, here are my Top 15 Wedding Favors inspirations for making sure your ‘finishing touches’ don’t finish last.

First let’s talk food.  When a Bride and Groom decide to opt for edible wedding favors, the options may be virtually endless.  Traditionally, mini take-home boxes of Godiva chocolates have been the norm for wedding guests.  While I’ve never met a bride who will turn down a box of Godiva, here are some unique ways to make sure your guests get to share in sugary bliss:

1. Honey – The perfect way to show your guests that you and your mate are Meant to Bee.

2. Mixes – Just add water to any instant mix, and your guests can have both breakfast and desert! I suggest pancake or hot coco mix.

3. S’mores Kit – While you can’t quite bring an entire campfire to your wedding, you can leave your guests toasty with this delicious treat.

4. Cookies – An increasingly popular option that takes many forms, but my favorites are personally designed cookie pops, personalized frosted biscotti, fortune cookies, and take-out cookies and milk! Insider tip: The adorable Cookies and Milk favors, pictured below, were created by Best Bride! Check out the original post here!

5. Candy – try mixing it up with personalized small candies, like jelly beans, M&Ms, and mints, or maximize your sweet tooth with a full-on candy buffet!

Food, although delicious, is fleeting (but you can keep the Godiva chocolates all for yourself, we won’t tell anyone).  If you’re looking for a more permanent sort of forget-me-not, I present you with this next category of DIY  (“do it yourself”).  Near and dear to my heart, I see no better way to show your guests your appreciation than with a favor you’ve hand-crafted:

6. Scrabble Word Magnets – Simple, fun, and tremendously personalized.

7. Lottery Tickets – Here’s to hoping your guests are lucky in love, just like you!

8. Hangover Kit – for the party animal in us all.

9. Message in a Bottle – For especially beachy brides, let your guests spread the love by writing their own inspired message, and sending it a-float.

10. Soundtrack – for your guests to remember all the popular music from your special day.


With all the hustle and bustle of planning, perhaps you feel that DIY is not the most timesaving tip, yet you still want your guests to leave with something lasting.  Here are my suggestions for beautiful trinkets you can buy; some are even a twist on a traditional favorite:

11. Seeds – Let love grow with these personalized packets of flower or fruit-bearing seeds.

12. Soap – Function met fun, and they got married!

13. Match Box – Show your guests that you two are a ‘perfect match’.

14. Coffee and Tea – Let love brew!

15. Wishing rock – A tradition inspired by my grandmother, give your guests the gift of wishes come true.

Whichever route to wedding favor have you choose to take, keep in mind your favors should be items that you would also like to receive.  My favorite local stores to get affordable party favors in Los Angeles are Maple Craft, and American Craft and Floral. If you’re looking for more options, the best websites for favors are Beau Coup, Sophie’s Favors, and Oriental Trading Company. Remember to enjoy every moment and detail, you’ll know you picked the perfect wedding favor because it will make your special day memorable for both your guests and yourself.  Your special day is all about YOU, so have fun with it! Tell Me: What’s the best wedding favor you’ve received as a guest?

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