Engaged over the holidays? Congratulations, you’re probably freaking out, but here’s some tips on not dying of happiness these first few weeks. There’s much to plan ..wedding dates, and dresses. .  and. . . you’re not alone! Many people get engaged over the holidays, and set their wedding day within the new year. Happy New Year 2019 to you!


Cutest beach engagement photos EVER.


One reason many proposals take place around the holidays is because it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time around family, and share the joy! Several of my friends have gotten engaged over Christmas, and New Year’s, setting their wedding dates in the new year 2019. One of my friends went to Belize for Christmas with her boyfriend, and came back with a fiance! It was the sweetest thing, and she is SO happy.

Proposals rarely come as a surprise for couples . . . both individuals are often on the same page, and may even discuss wedding plans before an official proposal. However, if you were blown out of the water (and really happy about it) when he, or she popped the question this holiday season, here’s some tips for you!



1) Engagement Ring Syndrome

It’s real, and everyone gets it.  You’re walking into walls cause you’re staring at your ring, instead of looking where you’re going. There’s the dilemma between wanting it to be perfectly clean all the time while not wanting water to touch it…ever. Finally, we have ring selfies, and this is how you’ll find your proposal photos on your phone–when you’re scrolling through all the ring-on-hand photos, you’ll be getting warmer..


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2) Wanting to lose weight.

Size 4, or 14–and any size in between, you know you want to get in better shape for your wedding dress. For some, this means a number on a scale, others it means lifting weights to tone up muscles.

But let’s step back a moment. You’re engaged, and that means someone loves you just the way you are. An engagement period doesn’t last forever, so don’t hurt yourself with dieting. Let him/her take you out to dinner, go to the gym together, and if you’re bound and determined to reach a certain goal, do it together, and don’t stress. No stressing allowed!



3) Dress shopping.

It’s the most important part of a wedding (next to your spouse), and it’s also the very first thing most brides think of once the ring is on their finger. If nothing else, finding THE dress is one thing that must be perfect.

And firstly, you need to find out what you like, what will compliment your body, and who you’re going to take to help critique the dresses. Obvious choices are your mom, close friends, or siblings, and your wedding planner. The smaller the group, the easier it may be on you–just remember your voice is the one that matters the most!



#4) Cull your possessions.

Get your life in order (if it’s not already). This may seem like odd advice for a newly engaged person, but hang on. Going through, and putting your hands on your possessions, and throwing away the ones that don’t bring you joy is cleansing. You’re really happy, but you’re also going to be stressed. Cleaning, and organizing for most people is a stress reliever.

You’re going to be getting ready to move in with your future spouse. You need to know what you own, what you need to let go of, and what you need to purchase. In times past, both men and women took measures to prepare for marriage–a house, a trousseau (a new wardrobe), etc.

Start with one room at a time, then your closets. A capsule wardrobe is a great way to put clothes in a new perspective of what you actually need (and want). And you’ll get an easy method of packing your honeymoon suitcase!



5) Book venue early.

This is one of the first things you do after becoming engaged. The earlier you do it, the more chances of  getting an exact date, and a place you want. Also, go ahead and find your photographer. Different photographers have different styles, offerings, prices, and willingness to travel. Find one with good reviews, and REVIEW their past work. Choose wisely–your venue and your photographer–the one is the backdrop for your day, the other responsible for capturing your day.



6) Send “Save the dates”, and enjoy your engagement.

Make time to enjoy each other, during this short season between hope, and happily ever after.


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The day of.

Need we say more?


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