Flowers: Real or Fake

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Wedding flower ideas

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Flowers. It’s rare to find a wedding where there isn’t at least one flower either in a vase, a hand, or in the bride’s hair. Somewhere there is a flower, and that begs the question—is the flower real?

Flowers represent happiness, abundance, and beauty; they’ve been an essential part of weddings for years. In fact, between eight and ten percent of an overall wedding budget is spent on flowers. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see a couple flowers scattered around a wedding venue, if not a giant, lush centerpiece. The question when planning your wedding is whether to go with real flowers or fake flowers. In today’s age, artificial flowers can look just as authentic, if not more than, those real flowers.


Blue Bouquet

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Above are two bouquets of roses, lilies, and stephanotis blooms. Can you tell which one is real? It’s a trick question, because both astoundingly beautiful bouquets are made of silk. Artificial flowers, or faux flowers, have come a long way and have earned their position among the list of wedding decorations. Real or fake, the choice is up to the bride.

Below are some pros and cons to having fake flowers versus real flowers.


Real Flowers


The list of pros for real flowers is endless. Among some of the benefits, real flowers provide that authenticity only nature can create, as well as give off pleasant aromas to add to the ambiance of a wedding. Real flowers can also be given away to places like nursing homes once the celebration is over



Flowers—just like fruits—bloom in different seasons. The flower you want might not be in season at the time of the wedding. For example, gardenias bloom in May and June, which is late for a March wedding. In this case, the flowers would have to be imported, and therefore cost an extra penny. In addition to an added cost, real flowers are delicate—in the wrong conditions they can be easily damaged or wilt quickly, requiring bouquets and some centerpieces to be made the day of.

Flower Bouquet on Table

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Fake Flowers


Artificial flowers can be just as real looking as their natural counterpart and are usually made of silk—meaning there’s no worries for allergies or a specific season. These faux flowers are available in a wide range of colors. They can be set up early and saved for years after as keepsakes. Additionally, if you have a hand for crafts, you can save a lot of money by making the flowers yourself.



Even though they’re not the real deal, if bought, faux flowers can be more expensive. Silk is the best option for fake flowers due to its ability to be easily manipulated and arranged. However, silk flowers can be very expensive, and they can drive the price for flowers to past what it would be for purchasing real ones. Depending on the flower, faux flowers may not have the exact same appearance as the real deal, especially close. They’ll also likely be unscented.

Rose Bouquet on Table


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Real or fake, either type of flower will add something beautiful to your wedding venue. The decision is yours, and its best to consult a florist about the best arrangement for your budget. With the right flower, whether it’s real or fake won’t even matter.


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