Inspiration for Spring-Time Weddings

With melting snow and rising temperatures, spring gently wakes. In a few weeks, lush carpets of green grass and fragrant blossoms cover everything, setting the stage for a lovely and verdant ceremony. Gone are the grays of winters, replaced with fresh hues, blossoms, and greenery of spring. It means a world of fresh new elements are available to incorporate into your wedding design. Below, you’ll find some of our spring must haves to tie in the feeling of the season and of new beginnings.


Table setting

Your guests are going to spend a great deal of time at their tables, so making them as beautiful as possible is a priority. Secondly, it allows you to put your wedding’s theme or design fully on display. This can be done lavishly with abundant centerpieces, or simply and elegantly with just a sprig or two.


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Sprawling floral centerpieces sing spring and take up lots of room– which is good if table space is ample, but a vernal feel can still  be achieved with a sprig of green here or there even if space is limited. Especially if you’re drawn toward a simpler design.



Adding gold accents with your flatware or with candle votives create a luxe vibe, perfect for evening spring receptions. A little glam goes a long way.


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While pinks are primary for for this season, it’s not the be-all-end-all of light and airy color schemes.  Lavender can be an equally feminine choice, and easily paired with blues or soft greens for beautiful florals.


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The gents in your party need some spring flair too. Your groomsmen’s boutonnieres are a great opportunity to keep the spring feeling flowing and are a perfect way to showcase unique seasonal flora.


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The boutonnieres can be as simple or as lush as you like, depending on your decor and style.


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Bright and eye popping or soft and sweet, the options available for spring weddings are endless.


Boutonnieres are extremely versatile, allowing you to be as traditional or contemporary as you like, depending on the elements used.


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An often overlooked opportunity are the chairs that surround your banquet table, transforming your seat at the head of table into a throne.  Embellish with lengths of fabric and flowers, delicately constructed bow-shaped bouquets, or lush garlands.


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Chair embellishments can act as seat designations for the major members of the bridal party, or interspersed throughout the room will create a sea of fragrance.


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Lush and vibrant, simple greenery matches any event.


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Hanging decor

Do not underestimate the power of a dangling accent piece, specially one that can be done in so many ways. Hanging garlands can be used to section off areas within your reception space, be a focal point, or be incorporated into wedding photos– either professional or impromptu.


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Geometric holders are eye-catching and lend a contemporary feeling while still maintaining elegance.


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Wreaths are an incredibly overlooked arrangement but can bring exquisite beauty and uniqueness to a design.


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Decor doesn’t have to be over the top to make a statement, often the right combination of a few simple elements will do the trick bringing an event together. Luckily, the top florals and foliage of spring provide tons of inspiration.




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