Fun Facts About Persian Weddings

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Many of the customs and traditions involve putting on a Persian wedding date to the second millennium, known as the Zoroastrian times. The wedding day is one of the most important times of celebration in the Persian culture, and it is the day, when extravagance is completely accepted and admired. Persian weddings involves many rituals that many of us do not know.

Aghd Ceremony

It is true that time has changed some of the traditional rituals that were performed at Persian weddings earlier, but still, there are many traditional elements involved in a Persian wedding ceremony. The bride (aroos) and the groom (doomad) will sit before the guests, making wedding vows and afterwards sign the marriage license.

In contrast to the western wedding styles, the groom will wait for the bride and women from the groom’s family will hold a canopy over his head while he waits for his bride.

The Sofre

In Persian weddings, it is a typical tradition for a special cloth, called the Sofré, to be present at the ceremony. In Persian, Sofré means tablecloth. If the ceremony is outdoors, the Sofré may be used overhead and will be situated on a wooden structure. If it is an indoor ceremony, Sofré maybe on the floor like a rug.

Family members will be responsible for gathering items of sentimental value to both groom and bride before the wedding day and these items will be used as part of the ceremony, laid on the Sofré.

Incense and Spices

In Persian wedding, there are some traditions that involve smelling good incense and spices. A tray that contains seven or more spices is used to denote a spicy and prosperous life between the couple.

In addition to that, a person will walk in front of the bride holding an incense called the Esfand during the wedding ceremony. It is believed that the fragrance of the Esfand will fight off the ‘evil eye.’

Many other important elements are also used in a traditional Persian wedding ceremony. The venue will be decorated with flowers, as they symbolize beauty and life. Flowers are also used to decorate the Sofre. Rose water is another important element of Persian wedding and it may be sprayed in the air as a perfume during the wedding ceremony.


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