A Gentleman’s Guide to Groomsmen Gifts

Think about the best gift you’ve ever received. Was it the product of an inside joke? A keepsake from a special place in the world or a memory you and the giver both shared? Chances are it was all of the above, plus something extra that meant it was only for you.  When buying gifts for your groomsmen personalization is key, whether it be with a monogram or whether it’s tailored specifically to the receiver’s interests. The most important element of any gift is sentiment but adding that extra personal touch is the best way to get the most out of the gifts for your groomsmen.

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1.Ice molds/whiskey stones
Serve your drinks on the rocks—literally. A gift that’s as classy as the cocktails they float in, ice molds are an essential part of a home bar.

Photo via Williams-Sonoma.com

Go with the classic orb shape, beautiful square cubes or personalize to the max by playing to your groomsmen’s tastes with novelty molds. If your groomsmen are more rugged and earthy, go with whiskey stones; great for chilling spirits and avoiding the dreaded water-down effect. If you’re looking for something even more unique, check out these stones that are made from actual rocks taken from the beaches of New England, made by artisans Arra David and Anne Johnson. More of their work can be found on their website, www.sea-stones.com.

Photo via UncommonGoods.com


2. Monogrammed flask
Traditional, functional, and completely awesome, a flask makes it possible to get a buzz on the go, and who doesn’t love getting one as a gift? Give them empty or pre-fill with groomsman’s favorite spirit. If you prefer to give them empty, include a mini shooter or two on the side.

Photo via QuietLeather’s Etsy Shop


Photo via DarkHorseEngraving’s Esty Shop


3. Tie/socks for wedding tux
Putting together a box that includes of what the groomsmen will wear in your wedding is a perfect invite while starting your best men off on the right foot.

Photo via TheTieBar.com

The Tie Bar is partnered with such wedding designers and retailers as David’s Bridal, Azazie, BHLDN, and Bill Levkoff, among others. Utilize their selection to ensure your groomsmen’s ties, socks, and pocket squares are an exact match. Shop by color, city, theme, or style like nautical or rustic. Plus they have an entire section dedicated to groomsmen gifts, so they’ve basically done your shopping for you.

4. Personalized water bottle
You’ve found your soulmate, now it’s time to take care of your swolemate. Your bro won’t dare lift without this sweet bottle that lets everyone in the gym know that he’s the man (or possibly the Best Man!)

Photo via WeddingFavorites.com

Looking for something sleeker for office-friendly hydration? Check out this monogrammed stainless steel bottle created for Macy’s that will keep your dude’s drink cold for up to 24 hours. That’s chill that lasts from the pre-ceremony photo shoot until the end of the after party.

Photo via Macys.com


5. Zippo lighter
Solid, dependable, iconic. A good quality lighter, such as a Zippo, is a simple yet timeless gift. Most designs found on Zippo’s website are both customizable and engravable, so the options are endless.

Photo via Zippo.com

Choose from intricately carved or gilded designs, simple and straightforward brushed metal, or novelty designs for a completely personal gift. Pair with a cigar or two in a small box or plush bag to complete.

Photo via Zippo.com


6. Monogrammed tie pin
Keeping the theme of crisp and classic, nothing completes a suit better than a customized tie pin. Keep your guys looking sharp at the office or on your big day with a classic finisher that keeps their tie-and-button down look buttoned up. Pick between a smooth or hammered texture, these hand-stamped aluminum pins come directly from threebirdsdesigns‘ shop on Etsy. 

Photo via threebirdsdesigns’ Esty Shop


7. Cufflinks
Name a more gentlemanly accessory. Do it, we’ll wait. If elegance is the name of the game at your event then custom cufflinks are the things that will elevate your groomsmen’s look from polished to impeccable.  Your men will look good, like Red Carpet good. Classic shops like Tiffany & Co. and Nordstrom offer wide collections of designer cufflinks as well as original pieces.

Photo via OakGem.com

Photo via BrooksBrothers.com

Selections from Brooks Brothers offer a bold pair of monogrammed links while Oak Gem offers a wide selection of vintage, softer pieces. Browse the options for opportunities to tailor your cufflinks to your groomsmen and choose to be as dignified or as playful as you like.

8. Personalized Converse
It’s laid back, nostalgic, and loved by everyone— it’s a pair of Converse. (We bet you still have your first pair in a closet somewhere.) It’s good advice to own something that you love in every color— but what about your wedding colors? Converse have made their way into the wedding arena by providing a playful touch to wedding attire (and make for a truly unusual gift!) 


Photo via Nike.com

In this day and age, you’re not limited to what’s on the shelf; these babies are 100% customizable. You can tailor these shoes to your big day by making them reflect the personality of each of your groomsmen or to match your tux as part of the ensemble.

Photo via Nike.com

You have the final say for everything that goes on with this shoe from the lining, stitching, striping, tongue, rubber sidewall, pattern, fabric, even logo placement and body style. You can have text added to the shoes as well, so your friends will never forget the day they wore them to stand up with you. Full range of customizable options can be found here.

9. Weekender bag
If you’re planning a trip away (cough bachelor party cough) or need to assemble a few things (cough wedding day go-bag cough) there are plenty of beautiful bags to suit every guy’s style. Check out Buffalo Jackson for a rugged frontier-chic look for your more manly bro, Mr, Porter for your style-wise office/commuter friend, and Frost River for those of a more outdoorsy/hipster persuasion.

Photo via BuffaloJackson.com

Photo via FrostRiver.com

Photo via MrPorter.com

While monogramming might not be available for all items the attention to each groomsman’s personal style will communicate the thoughtfulness and bro love behind the gift.

10. Phone case
What’s close to your best friend at all times? What deeply personal item contains memories, appointments, and confidences? Their phone. Made from natural materials like wood and leather, these cases protect while making a statement. Personalize with a photo, a logo, artwork, a monogram, or simply be a one of a kind piece that is unique, just like the people you’ve chosen to share your day with.

Photo via StoryLeather.com

Photo via TheDailyEdited.com

Photo via Carved.com


Ultimately, the people who surround you are the most important part of the gift-giving process. Regardless of whether your budget is big or small or how many of your friends become part of your big day, the way they feel when you ask them to stand with you is paramount. Remember that when choosing a gift, it’s your chief responsibility to make them feel as loved, supported, and valued as they have made you.


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