Gift Guide for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

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Spending your wedding day surrounded by the people you love is a huge part of why your day is so special. The people standing by your side on your big day should know just how much they mean to you, and nothing says thank you better than a perfect, personalized gift. Getting a personal gift as a token of your appreciation is something they would always remember.

The trick to gift giving? Make sure the present fits the people! With a large group, such as a bridal party or groomsmen, you want the presents to be something fun, but practical.



If you are buying gifts for your groomsmen, it can be hard to show your bros just how much you care without getting too sentimental. It can be difficult to buy an appropriate gift for the occasion, but Groovy Guy Gifts can guide your shopping experience for your groomsmen (or the other important men in your big day)! Newlyweds can show the father of the Bride or Groom just how much they mean to them with these great, personal gifts.

Groovy Guy Gifts is an online store that carries wallets, messenger bags, travel mugs, and more gifts than you could imagine for the groovy guys at your wedding. My personal favorite from Groovy Guy Gifts is the Combat Cooler. It can hold up to 12 glass bottles, or 18 cans, and comes fully insulated. The cooler can also be personalized with up to three initials, and comes in green or blue.

Another product that really stuck out to Best Bride was the Naked and Brave Set. The set comes in a beautiful wooden box that can be engraved with the name of the recipient. Inside, your groovy groomsman will find three unique items waiting for him: a journal, a flask, and a Swiss Army knife. Each of these items can be personalized with his name, and can be used for any occasion. The best part of the set? The flask allows the gift giver up to four lines of text. The groom has plenty of room to inscribe the wedding date and his appreciation, alongside the groomsman’s name. The customer reviews for this product? “Better than expected.” “Perfect Gift.” The set is a great value at $79.99, as these items will last for years to come and remind your groomsmen of your adventures together. Also, the flask could come in handy on the big day (wink wink)!

Engraved Flask & Pocket Knife Combo Set


Engraved Flask & Pocket Knife Combo Set






When shopping for the lovely ladies of your wedding day, Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique is perfect for your gift giving needs. Their gift selection ranges widely, including getting ready robes, stemless wine glasses, and makeup bags. These products showcase quality, without compromising on price. Another personal favorite, mainly because it’s downright funny, is “Fluting with Disaster.” Customized champagne glasses! The glass can be inscribed with name, date, and wedding role. Memorable, and practical! These can be used the morning of the wedding, and long after.


Best Bride also loves the Jet Set Weekender! This tote is everything a bride or bridesmaid could want. Stylish and practical, each bag has leather handles and a canvas strap to double as a crossbody. Each bag has inner lining, a small internal zipper pouch, and a large zipper pouch on the backside of the bag that is perfect for the smaller items you need to store. Each bag is black, but all personalizations are included and free! There are 25 thread options to pick from, which can easily coordinate with the wedding color scheme. There will be plenty of chances for your bridesmaids to throw this over their shoulder, whether it’s for the bachelorette party, or going to the gym. Having a gift as dynamic as this is sure to thrill the bridal party. Each bag costs $48.99 and is worth every penny!


Bridesmaid Gift - Personalized Black Tote






These gifts are affordable and long lasting. Your wedding party will surely love these gifts and use them for years to come. The best part of Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique is the range and varying styles of gifts! Anyone can set a budget, and find a gift that suits their needs! Happy shopping!

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