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What is your perfect engagement ring? Which is your match? Are you the classy solitaire? A diamond eternity band, vintage pearls or pure hot contemporary? Are you the adventurer, the athlete glowing with exertion, and can’t bear the thought or responsibility of a diamond on your hands?

You have many options to explore, from flawless diamond engagement rings, to specially designed silicon wedding bands that flex with you. Just as you have a soulmate, there’s a wedding ring for your unique personality and needs. Dive in with us as we look at some types of engagement rings and the gals who love them!


Hazeline Suite No. 14 by Anna Sheffield ($5500)

    The Classic

Classic solitaire engagement rings are most popular of all. Renowned as a symbol for love and fidelity, the simple diamond ring immortalizes true love standing the test of time. Timeless classic-style rings are composed of a pair of narrow bands, made from a precious metal and set with diamonds. The clarity of the diamond varies on a wide scale, as affordability plays a large role in choosing a ring. High school sweethearts who marry young may buy a modest ring.  Lovers who meet later in life go all out, with a high-priced engagement ring, in celebration of finally meeting “the one”.


Rosette Suite No. 30 by Anna Sheffield ($7900)


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Vintage Romantic

Here’s a romantic partner for you- the one who brings you his grandmother’s engagement ring. Vintage diamond rings (and pearl rings) recreated in new settings, often custom made for the bride. In a few cases it was a match made in heaven, with the ring even fitting the bride’s finger without having to be resized! The heirloom can be from either the groom’s family or the bride’s. Heirloom rings bring symbolism and strength from the previous relationship. We want the love of our grandparents. We want to hold hands at eighty, trace our worn wedding bands and say; “We made it.”


White Gold World Map Engagement Ring Set $699

Blue Tungsten Meteorite Rings $390

Unstoppable Team

Show the world who the team is! Matching wedding rings are very popular, with near-identical bands for both parties. In most cases, the bride’s engagement ring is daintier and more feminine, sometimes being able to slip inside the groom’s wedding band. Like yin and yang, the wedding rings complement each other and symbolize the partnership and equality between the married couple. You will see these rings in unions between powerhouse couples who’re career focused, who enjoy going on adventures together, and also in couples who spend much of their time apart- such as in the military. They are committed to the team and want everyone to know it.

ENSO Engagement Rings


For the avid adventurers (or maybe as a second set of rings for wearing when going adventuring) this metal infused silicon engagement ring might be the perfect solution. Many people work jobs that make wearing rings dangerous, but this silicon ring works and flexes with you on the go! Whether you’re climbing a mountain or a treadmill, whether you’re welding a bridge or grilling out; here is an engagement ring that won’t let you down!

$1700.00 Halo Ring

The Queen

Ladies, we are many kinds of women- every color and shade of beautiful and strong, but it’s safe to say that among us are those who know they are Queens.. It takes a little more to impress us. In our case, the diamond needs to be impressive, but the man needs to be even more extraordinary. We’re not hard to please, we just know exactly what we want. We are ready to offer as much as we ask, and have a deep awareness of ourselves and those around us. We are the queen of hearts, and need a king of diamonds.


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