Let Them Eat Cake!

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You and yours are now lawfully wed, but that’s not the end of your special day.  It’s only just begun. In a swirl of color, your guests file in and begin to dine, toast, dance; then– and only then– it’s time to cut the cake.

Wedding cakes have swung between super simple and fantastically elaborate through the decades and recent trends have been moving us away from cakes altogether. Brides can opt for displays of various types of cupcakes or other sweets in lieu of the traditional wedding favorite, but come on… we all want the cake. We are all dying to see THE CAKE. (Admit it, your heart breaks a little when you walk up to the dessert table and don’t see the Confectionary Crown Jewel.)

So let’s not bring any sadness to this perfect day.

Luckily for you, cakes are much better looking than they were in the 80’s and 90’s, when massive tiers sprawled out in nearly every direction. It’s time to bring the wedding cake back and in updated style!  The best part about contemporary cake design is you don’t have to go big and bold to make a stunning impression. Showcasing a simple tiered design, below you will find gorgeous and fresh ideas for cakes at their finest.

Textured + Naked cakes

Grooved buttercream, swaths of delicately sculpted fondant, or barely iced naked cakes are currently trending on the wedding frontier. An opportunity to add visual interest that’s perfect for rustic or laid back wedding festivities. Sprinkle in a few flowers that echo your bridal bouquet and you have a recipe for wedding cake perfection.

Photo via Ruffledblog.com

If you’re looking for a bit of texture, an unexpected place to work this in is with your cake. A naked cake pairs beautifully with an outdoorsy, bohemian, or rustic-style wedding and can be dressed up or down, depending on the mood of your event. Simple grooved icing or layers of sculpted sugar paste are two ways to invoke elegance with a contemporary feel.


Photo via WeddingForward.com

Add clusters of flowers that match your bouquet and decor and you’ve created the ideal focal point. For more naked inspiration, check out Martha Stewart’s list of 44 naked cakes.

Photo via Pinterest.com

Floral cakes

Flowers can be lush and rich in color, so if your wedding has a vibrant color palette consider using florals to bring life to your wedding cake. Because there are endless varieties, there are endless combinations of color, texture, shape, and size that add visual interest and beauty.

Photo via Pinterest.com


Photo via Hitched.co.uk


Photo via RuffledBlog.com

Your cake can either make or break your design, so make sure that the colors flow and reflect the feel of your venue. If you’re feeling a light and airy vibe for your day, visit Ruffled Blog for their article on a “French Impressionist Inspired Wedding“.

Photo via WantThatWedding.co.uk

Geode cakes

When we think of geodes, we picture them in our homes resting on a windowsill catching light or propping up a stack of books on our shelves. The last place we might think to utilize their brilliant colors and stunning shapes is on a wedding cake, but recently bakers across the country have been mimicking their breathtaking formations to make gorgeous statement cakes. The allure of this trend is obvious; the unique, cavernous look of the cake and the startling color variations available. To see how this trend works within a lush outdoor setting, check out 100 Layer Cake’s article “How to throw a boho geode wedding”.


Photo via 100LayerCake.com

Intricate Icings Cake Design via MyDomain.com


Painted + Gold Leaf cakes

How untapped is the concept of a painted wedding cake? Streaks of gold brushed gently along a canvas of smooth fondant is the epitome of luxe, while a painted cake is the optimal choice if you’re going for refinement and delicacy reminiscent of painted china from the 19th century.

Photo via Pinterest.com


Photo via MarthaStewartWeddings.com


Photo via StyleMePretty.com

Painted cakes offer the ability to be as abstract or classic as you want, depending on your tastes, and allow plenty of room for expressiveness in their color, depth of hue, and overall style. Plus, you reap the benefit of having a cake that is truly a sight to behold. To see a broad array of beautiful painted cakes, check out Brit + Co’s list of 20 hand-painted wedding cakes.

Photo via WeddingGarata.com

Think of your cake as a canvas, wide open to interpretation and waiting for your personal touch.  No cake is going to steal the spotlight on your special day, but it can help tie it all together. As you slow dance your way to the end of your evening, remember how gorgeous this night was and how every detail was perfect, down to the last crumb.



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