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Couple Liat and Oriel said the magical words “I Do” at a beautiful venue in Beverly Hills Temple Emmanuel on July 6th 2014. As guests arrived on that sunny evening, they were greeted with a beautiful name card table. One of the items on the table was a sign in book along with yamakas. The yamakas were absolutely beautiful, consisting of a baby blue color and a paisley design. Guests were able to drop their gifts in a charming off white box located on the far right of the table. Best Bride was excited to work with Liat and Oriel as the day of wedding coordinator. This table was a mere taste of the beauty this wedding consisted of.

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The Ketubah was such a special moment for everyone, most importantly for the bride and groom. The Ketubah is a binding document that lists a husband’s obligations to his wife, showing that marriage is more than just being together physically and spiritually. This document reminds the couple that marriage is not only a legal commitment but also a moral commitment as well. In other words, by signing this document, the bride and groom are officialy married in the eyes of Jewish law. After the couple signed the Ketubah, Liat and Oriel held a beautiful ceremony where they said “I Do” under the chuppah. The chuppah was decorated beautifully with a soft white cloth with lightly covered roses resting on the top. The chuppah symbolizes the house they will build together now officially being husband and wife.    

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The food was incredible since there was never a lack of supply. To start off the night was a delicious sushi bar. Any kind of sushi a guest could want, this wedding surely provided it. If the guests were in the mood for something sweet, the couple provided a very intricate fruit bar with any kind of fruit guests’ desired. Dinner consisted of a tasty Persian buffet serving a variety of meats. An occasional tray with kebabs was being served during the cocktail hour as well. To top off the night was a gorgeous three-layer wedding cake. This white wedding cake consisted of a dotted banner around each layer and a beautiful topper which was of two wedding rings intertwined with each other, Needless to say, guests most definitely did not leave this wedding with empty stomachs.

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The reception room was lit up in an intricate display of blending purple and pink lights that grabbed guests’ attention immediately.  Guests sat at tables covered in a silver tablecloth with matching silver chairs. Each table had a beautiful bouquet of assorted pink and white roses to accompany the lighting. The bar was looking chic as ever having decorated mirrors that wrapped around the outside.The bride and groom’s table was covered in a straight line of rosebuds at the end of the table, while the fancy tablecloth had a flowery pattern. The set up of the room, from lighting to the flowers, added such a romantic feel to the reception.

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To keep the party moving, Liat and Oriel provided a Persian band that had everyone on their feet. Their Israeli music allowed everyone to show off their moves and even have a dance off. A photo booth was set up in the corner for guests to put on ridiculous accessories and have their own photo shoot. At one point, an exceedingly long line took place just for guests to grab a quick photo with their loved ones in the booth. The couple supplied a heart-shaped utensil set for guests to bring home with them. The newlyweds not only made sure their guests were full with food, but most importantly, fun

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The bridal party looked dazzling in their ensembles. The ravishing bridesmaids wore long light blue dresses with beaded straps. Each bridesmaid’s hairstyle was different but all had the same style gown. The groomsmen sported classic black tuxes and looked most dapper with their simple black bowties. This bridal party was the definition of elegant.

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Liat and Oriel each looked stunning on their big day. Oriel wore a beautiful dress that comprised of heavy beading on the bodice with a flowy simple bottom. Her hair was done up with two buns, each having a braid wrapped arond. Her makeup looked fresh and clean, being a light smokey eye with rosey cheeks and pink lips. Her shoes were pearl white sling backs with a short heal. Oriel’s beautiful bouquet was made up of all lightly colored roses. Her accessories were shiny dangling earrings, a simple necklace to correspond with a simple bracelet. The most important accessory of all was Oriel’s breathtaking engagement ring. Overall, this bride looked marvelous. Liat kept it simple and classy wearing a black tux with a white bow tie. His only accessory was a silver watch and of course, his marriage ring.

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The love the couple shared for each other was quite evident. Kisses seemed to be never ending as well as the loving glances exchanged between the two. Working Liat and Oriel’s wedding was such a pleasure. From all of us at Best Bride, thank you for letting us share your wedding day with you. We wish you the absolute best.

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Photo Credit: Lark photo


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