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“When planning for our own wedding, we want to make things as simple as possible for our guests. No driving, no traffic, no getting lost, and no worries. It has always been a much more enjoyable experience for me, as a guest, when the two have been grouped together.” – PerisAnn Whisman


An obvious frustration of running errands is the traffic. The struggle to drive from one location to another in order to find a certain item you need or meet with someone you made plans with. Your day can become much easier and pleasant if your errands were located in close proximities. That would eliminate travel time, traffic, frustration, confusion and stress. However, errands tend to separate on purpose. Substitute the errands for one wedding. There’s some serious planning needed for what each location has to have. This includes decorations, directions from location to location, parking, flowers, the bride, the groom and this is just to name a few. To eliminate much needed stress from planning a wedding, planning the ceremony and reception at the same location is key.


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So you found two amazing locations you can’t get enough of. One for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Opps! One location is available on the date you need, but the other is not. You like them both and can’t live without the other! You could pass some extra bills under the table to make the owners content, but that’s just digging a deeper whole of money you will be using. By deciding to have the ceremony and reception at the same location, you will be focusing on one date and one location. This eliminates stress and concerns that one location may cancel days before the wedding. Having one location with a set confirmation places a great ease on your mind. In addition, knowing the ceremony, reception and pictures will be handled at one place brings tranquility to the couple. You will be eliminating time to travel from one locale to the next. The time will be saved for the couple and the guests who will no longer need to switch on their GPS or pull out their rusty paper map.

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After discussing with our bride-to-be, PerisAnn Whisman, choosing to have one location for the wedding’s celebrations reduces the amount of traveling and confusion. PerisAnn shared a story that helped her and her fiancé decide that one-location wedding is the right way to go, “A few years ago I went to a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was at a beautiful church! On the way to the reception, I got lost (yes, even with GPS it is possible). Lost in Los Angeles, in the worst traffic you can imagine. I don’t think I will ever forget how frustrated I was thinking about how I had to find my way back to where I was going. On the plus side, I didn’t have to wait for the wedding party to finish their photos because they were done before I found my way back!” Everyone who lives or has traveled to and through LA understands the frustration of traffic. To be safe, one should leave their start location almost an hour before to make sure they reach their destination on time. By eliminating the stress and concern of dealing with traffic, guests are most likely to be relax and feel free to enjoy the celebration. The less the guests need to travel, the happier they will be. They will be avoiding traffic and for those who are traveling out-of-town, this will be a gift! Some are not familiar with the area so by only needing to locate one place, assures them to sit back and enjoy! The bride and groom can arrange rooms at a nearby hotel for out of town guests or those who are not in a condition to drive after a few drinks. This is a responsible and smart take from the couple. Although admitting a few guest may need a hotel after a few drinks may appear humorous, this humorous precaution can save the lives of their guest and those around them.


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Respect Me, Please

PerisAnn agrees that guests are much happier and relaxed if the ceremony and reception are held at the same location, “I have been to quite a few weddings some of which the ceremony and reception were at the same location and some where they were not. As a guest, I felt much more relaxed and present in the moment when I knew I didn’t have to drive to the next location, thinking of the best way to get there and avoid traffic.” Once the ceremony is over, the guests are already thinking of ways to get to the reception before traffic hits. If the location remains consistent, then people will be happier and willing to attend the reception to celebrate this great event. The happier the guest, the more content they will be. No one wants someone storming into your celebration content about the drive, the angry red car that cut them off, the difficulty of finding the location and the no-parking. The happier the guests, the less stress the couple will be. A vital point to this arrangement is that you can be saving a ton of cash. By using only one location, limo services and additional decorations will be reduced. The cost of gas for the couple and guests to travel from one location to the next will significantly reduce. It’s money-saving time!


Consider arranging your ceremony and reception to be held at the same location or at least at a close proximity. Besides the guest feeling relaxed and stress-free of traffic troubles, the couple will rest easy knowing their guest are safe and ready to celebrate the love they have for each other. Besides, consider the amount of money you will save. Happy scouting!


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