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‘L’ is for …‘Love’ –but you knew that already.  Through our various walks of life we come to know many things, including theses heartfelt Sinatra lyrics.  But what happens when what we know gets lost, and we forget just how to love?  Becoming a bride can be stressful, especially while being your own wedding planer in Los Angeles.  While swimming through a sea of table placements, font selections, and cake tastings, it’s especially easy for you as a bride to forget the qualities that make you a partner.  So here are some simple tips to help you remember how to love!


Pause. Life is busy and so are you, but it’s important to take a step back and listen to both your partner and yourself.  Make a mental check of whether you are fully present in a moment—that means no emails, texts, or frantic phone calls to the caterer.   Giving your partner your energy and fully attuned self fosters the love and care you both desire.  Similarly, make sure you take time to listen to yourself: both mind and body.  Try to ask yourself: What are you thinking of during the moments when your mind wanders? Are you where you want to be?  Does your body ache, and if so, where? Remember that in order to take care of your partner in times of stress, you must also take care of yourself.  Personally my favorite place to relax in Los Angeles is enveloped in sun and salt water, on the beaches of Santa Monica.

           Be a Team Player. Remember to have your partner’s back in both public in private sectors; this means never making your partner the butt of your jokes or frustrations.  Also remember to help out your partner in any large or small way you see fit—everything from packing an extra work lunch, to recording their favorite TV show when they’ve forgotten.  Never let stress overshadow who you are in a relationship: if there’s something you usually like to do for your partner, then do it! Don’t use stress a scapegoat.


Save a Date.  There may never be enough hours in a day, this is why it’s up to you to make room for that 25th 60-minute stretch!  Remember to set aside a time and a day for you and your partner to have some fun and disconnect from every worry and obligation.  Whether that be surfing lessons at Zuma beach, or a painting sesh at Color-Me-Mine (I recommend their Ventura Boulevard location) this time should be reserved solely for you and your partner to relax and enjoy together.

Reach Out, literally.  Remember to continue to be affectionate towards your partner.  Even when wedding planning has you completely strung out, a loving touch can go a log way to remind your partner that you are there with them.

Reach Out, figuratively. Remember that it’s O-K to ask for help.  If you find yourself too stressed from planning your own wedding or finding an affordable wedding planner in Los Angeles, never hesitate to ask for help.  Whether this help be something as simple as looking at Instagram for some wedding inspiration, or seeking the advice of the best wedding planner in Los Angeles, know that you do not have to do it alone—you can’t have a wedding alone, so why should you have to plan one that way?

Eat Cookies. Okay it doesn’t have to be cookies, but remember to indulge in the things you love from time to time.  Denying yourself the things that bring you pleasure may only add to your stress, so treat yourself!


Remember. Once all the tireless planning is complete, and your celebration has come and gone, remember the reason why you started this journey in the first place.  As you and your significant other embark on your new life together, remember to hug tighter, laugh way too much, and say ‘I love you’ often.

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