Mermaid Themed Wedding?

Mermaids are everywhere now. There is fashion trends and makeup styles that have people saying, “Oh shell!” One of the reasons the trend is so popular is because of past movies and the beautiful images of mermaids. Many couples have used this trend to create a beautiful wedding. The colorful colors, sea life inspirations and remarkable outfits make the guests feel they have entered a magical realm. If you are interested in this phenomenal and beautiful trend, consider adding these amazing decorations, venues, and fashion choices.  What do mermaid wedding style-themes look like?

The Perfect Look

These stunning dresses have an amazing touch of the sea life. The top of the dress is typically sleeveless to imitate a fresh feel. The dress is tight above and loose at the bottom to create the mermaid style. This elegant and stylish look is perfect for those of us who are mermaids at heart.

Color Me Impressed?

Turquoise is a popular color when dealing with mermaids. The rich and beautiful color brings the ocean look. Using this amazing color in curtains, tablecloths, napkins and other decorations will create the beautiful reflection of the ocean.

Snacks Beyond the Ocean

A mermaid theme is not complete without shells. Consider adding sea shells to the center pieces, decorations and even the snacks. Bring the beauty of sea shells into perfect places in your wedding.

Bringing that Ocean Feel

Trying to imitate the sea life can be tricky. Some creative ways to do this is by using clear balloons to reproduce bubbles. Create decorations to copy sea creatures like jelly fishes, crabs, and fishes. Don’t forget to use different shades of blue to recreate the beauty of the ocean!

The Ocean As Beautiful and Mysterious

The sea life is beautiful, mysterious and amazing. Many people find the sea creatures and the mythical characters to be an inspirational aspect for many things like films, stories, and art. Take advantage of symbols like mermaids as inspiration to your wedding. Recreate the beautiful colors of the ocean, sea shells and mythical characters. Bring the sea life to your wedding with these amazing creativities.