Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

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White is out for some ladies. The new bridal go-to’s can range from dip-dye to ombre, metallic detailing, and beyond. Dreamy washes of color beneath sheer overlays dominate along with new wedding separates and the new normal: the non-white dress. Exceptional lines and a dreamy silhouette are the secrets to wedding dress success, and we’ve got the best ones.

The inspiration for branching out away from the traditional wedding dress is primarily twofold. Brides want their dress to be a representation of who they are as a person, rather than serve as symbols of innocence or purity as they once did. Prior to even that, brides wore their best dress on the day of their wedding regardless of what color it was.

The second motivation for the non-white dress is Hollywood weddings. A trend present for decades as seen with the weddings of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, but more notably in the past ten years we’ve seen Reese Witherspoon, Kayley Cuoco, Gwen Stefani, Kristen Bell, and others rocking non-white gowns.

But whatever your rationale for opting out of white may be, you’ll be sure to find some inspo below.


A gorgeous sheer over a meadow of flowers, this is the ultimate understated statement dress– perfect for beach weddings, outdoor affairs, or dewy spring weddings.

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Everything this year is cropped, including wedding dress separates. Elegantly mellow ombre with a lacy crop top is simultaneously wedding-ready and effortlessly sexy.

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A rich, dip-dyed edge is just different enough to take this dress from traditional to transcendent. Gorgeous lace provides delicate texture to balance out the bold use of color.

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A gloriously structured bodice, neutral sheer, and a dip-dyed hem of deep ochre this gown combines simple elements in a unique way for the maximum artistic effect.

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There’s pretty in pink, and there’s lovely in lilac. Intricate detailing on the bodice and a waterfall of chiffon create a look that is fairy-like and sweet.

Photo by Michael Radford


Simple lines and a bold pop of color. Dominate your day with this festive frock.

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For the rebel heart, a striking silver gown.  A brazen declaration of individuality and singularity mirrored in thousands of tiny sequins.

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Classic lines blend with an undeniably modern feel. This mustard dream is a perfect balance for the trendy bride who wants a timeless wedding gown. The slit in the front and the bold-but-not blinding shade of yellow edge this dress into the world of the new classic for the contemporary bride.

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Redefine what it means to be a blushing bride in this gauzy pink frock. Sprayed with silver beading, it’s as sweet as pink lemonade and just as fresh.

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It manages to be a statement and subtle at the same time– a top pick for a full-skirted wedding gown with a romantic floral print.

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Whatever you choose to wear on your big day, your wedding dress should put a spotlight on you. Wear what’s comfortable, and what you feel the most beautiful stepping out in. Your confidence, as a result, will beam outwards for the loveliest look possible.






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