Plan an Elegant Disney Wedding

Weddings with a Disney theme can be absolutely beautiful. The classic love stories and “happily ever after” of Disney fit well with the romance and fantasy of what many want their wedding to be.

The trap of a Disney-themed wedding you don’t want to fall into is letting it become childish or tacky. You do not want your wedding to look like a 4-year-old’s birthday party. The trick is keeping everything elegant—you want the fairy tale aspect to come through more than the cartoon.

Below, some do’s and don’t’s to keep your theme in check.

Do: Focus on Common Disney and Fairytale Themes



It doesn’t all have to be Disney-themed. “Happily Ever After” and “Once Upon a Time” can help lend a magical touch.

Don’t: Spell Out the Reference



If people don’t get that the rose underneath the glass cloche is from Beauty and the Beast, that’s okay. If they don’t get the mirror allusion to Snow White, that’s okay too. These particular pieces are clear references to Disney, but are also beautiful in their own right. Make sure your themed decor can stand alone as gorgeous pieces, and aren’t just there for their allusion to Disney.

Do: Use Disney Sheet Music as Decor


Rolled up sheet music from your favorite Disney songs make great holders for confetti, candy, or anything else that might need a paper container.


Follow this DIY from Apple Brides and easily transfer sheet music onto candles…”Be Our Guest” would look perfect on a candelabra.


Write each guest’s name for their seating assignment above sheet music from lyrics you feel describe them or perhaps they have a particular connection to.

Don’t: Have a Cartoon Cake


This incredible cake belongs at a rich child’s birthday party, not at your wedding.

Do: Integrate Your Favorite Quotes and Lyrics in Your Decoration



This centerpiece would be charming with your favorite Disney quote instead.



Do: Go Silly When Silly’s the Point


I’d be taking a picture with those shells so fast.


Ideal on the cake or candy table.

Don’t: Make Your Bridesmaids Wear Costumes


The above picture is a Do when it’s cosplay for a con or other event (where this picture is from), but it’s a big Don’t at your wedding. It can be adorable and fun, but if you’re looking to have a more elegant affair, this doesn’t suit your wedding.

Do: Use Books

Use the same fairy tales that inspired Disney, display other love stories or use vintage versions of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Disney is about stories, and books can add to that vision.


Using a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales plus the crown atop the books is an adorable touch.


The candelabra (always reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast) is a nice touch.


Using moss to cover the bottom book lends a Sleeping Beauty-style enchanted forest look.

Do: Go Disney Behind the Scenes


The cutest hanger for that “dress hanging up” picture.



The garter you wear and the garter you toss. See the Minnie and Mickey charms?

Do: Embrace Subtlety


Fun idea for a non-game game: Hide these Mickey pins around your wedding (like the hidden Mickeys in Disneyland) and let whoever finds them keep them!


I’m obsessed with the subtle Mickey and Minnie heads on this cake topper. 


How sweet are these Toy Story cuff links?!

Don’t: Wear Mouse Ear Jewelry


Would the Disney princesses have worn mouse ear jewelry to their wedding?

Do: Disney in the Details


This guestbook is adorable, and even has prompts for your guests to help avoid having the “Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!” message repeated fifty times.



These personalized stamps from Mine By Design Art Studio would be a great addition to your invitations!


This listing comes with two books to each write your vows in (and can be in any color).

Don’t: Call Your Husband “The Beast”


Don’t use a cake topper with a beautiful animated woman and a beast on the top. Don’t dance to the title song. I know we all want to be Belle, but comparing your new husband to the “hideous beast” will not go unnoticed by your guests.

(Instrumental version of “Beauty and the Beast” deemed acceptable.)


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