Beauty Tips Every Bride Needs Before The Big Day

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The big day is fast approaching and as a bride you want to look your best of course. Well we’ve got some important pre-wedding beauty tips that can help every bride feel like a glowing goddess the day she has to walk down the aisle. Make sure to create a checklist or to-do list for your beauty routine, so you don’t miss any steps! Below are a few suggestions of things we think are good to list down!

Bride To Be Personal Beauty To-Do List:


  1. Get that bridal goddess glow with a face mask. There’s tons of options to choose from at your local Sephora or Ulta (Pst our favorite is the Glamglow!)
  2. Achieve flawless skin by following a strict good diet leading up to the wedding. Eat clean and stay hydrated! Drink the required 8 glasses and snack on some carrots or broccoli.
  3. Treat yourself to a full body scrub and an exotic seaweed massage at Wi Spa in Los Angeles. It’s the best way to escape the stresses of planning a wedding!



  1. Take extra care of your luscious locks before the wedding. Try to steer clear of damaging your hair with hot tools and go au naturel for a while!
  2. Go to a hair salon you trust and have a stylist recreate your ideal wedding hairstyle to see how it’ll turn out for the big day. You don’t want any surprises, trust us! And if you’re wedding planning in Los Angeles check out a celeb favorite salon like Barnes & Galasso Salon!
  3. Take it a step further and get some advice from your personal hairstylist to see what style will go best with your dress and will best frame your gorgeous face!



  1. Next up are the nails! Do this step closer to the actual wedding date. This is because nails grow out fast and can break easily!
  2. Try to keep the nails classy with a light color like nude, shades of light pink, or a classic french manicure! This way you have room to experiment with all kinds of makeup and dress looks because your neutral nail will match it all!
  3. If you’re the type to get bored with a simple nail try out some delicate nail designs. Ask the manicurist of samples works they can do for some ideas. Or take in some pictures of your desired style to show your manicurist. Also make sure to schedule an appointment far in advance!



  1. Every bride is beautiful no matter her shape or size. Working out before the wedding is always good just to stay healthy and leave yourself feeling great. Working out releases happy hormones making a bride more relaxed and in a better mood!
  2. Make sure to shower after hitting the gym hard! Working out is beneficial for skin, but after you’ve sweat it all out you have to hop into the shower or sweat and dirt can clog pores fast!
  3. Have a work out buddy or 5! Take the bridesmaids with you to motive you and get wedding ready right there by your side!



  1. Finally, beauty rest. Beauty rest is crucial for keeping the under eye bags away. It can be hard for a bride to remember she needs rest with all the stress a wedding can put on you.
  2. Try your best to get the 8 hours you need and if it’s not possible give mid day naps a try. We’re sure you’ll be feeling refreshed after.


Remember to treat yourself not just with a honeymoon post wedding mania, but also before the wedding with these pre-wedding beauty tips. Follow these tips and you’ll be on top of your game for the special day. Enjoy and get back to the wedding planning you!



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