Fall In Love With The Rain

Imagine it’s your wedding day. The recessional music is fading away, and you’re still reeling from that first kiss as a married couple. It’s time for pictures and it’s pouring down rain.

What do you do?¬†On the possible chance that it might indeed be a rainy wedding day for you, here’s some thoughts to consider…


Spring-Summer (Mar-Aug) weddings are most in danger, so if you’re planning on to have your wedding in the popular seasons, be prepared for a rainstorm on your wedding day. If the weeks are counting down, and the weather forecast is jumping between 20% and 60%, chances are of a shower coming on your big day. Some actions need to be taken to make sure your (possibly) rainy wedding day flows smoothly.

First let’s look at PREPARATION.

Some fail safes you can incorporate into your wedding are:

  • having cute rain boots for you and bridesmaids.
  • buy a clear photo-taking umbrella.
  • rent a tent that can be canceled if the weather sneaks up on you.
  • speak to your photographer- are they willing to work in the rain?

Do not be afraid that rain will ruin your wedding day- it can only make the day more memorable!


Secondly, and most importantly, RELAX!

We imagine our wedding day to be the single best day of our lives, and fear that something will go wrong, that it will be less perfect that we deserve. But there’s a secret to the perfect wedding day, and that is this: after you plan the day, just roll with the punches if things go differently. Those things that you don’t plan, those moments you weren’t expecting- that’s what you’re going to remember and love the most about your wedding.

Here’s a couple who didn’t let their rainy wedding day dampen their spirits! The above photo was taken shortly after Hurricane Sandy, the story goes that everyone’s phones went off during the reception- flash flood warnings. Their reaction? Let’s go out in it! For this shot their amazing photographer, with four assistants and as many umbrellas, made this beautiful shot come to life. Be bold. Use what you’re given.

” But HOW do I relax?”

  • Practice “Call anyone but the bride!” If it starts raining, have people in place to rearrange the schedule. If you were planning an outdoor ceremony, your team would be able to seamlessly move the wedding ceremony indoors without you lifting a finger or making a worry wrinkle.
  • Inform your guests. Suggest they bring a bright colored umbrella for a group photo if rain should throw a curve ball at your wedding. Make sure you’re ready to hit a home run.
  • Communicate with your future spouse. Learn how they want to handle the possibility of rain. She/He is the most important person to you on your wedding day.
  • Always err on the side of safety. If there are hazardous conditions, do not put yourself or your guests in danger. If you can hear thunder, or if the wind is strong, wait for the weather to let up. Rainy wedding pictures are almost always taken during a gentle rain.


What a romantic picture. This couple is really enjoying the rain and is forgetting about the bad weather.


Third, it doesn’t have to COST a fortune!

At the end of the day, budget does factor in. Many brides will not opt to buy matching rubber boots, or a clear umbrella. Some of the best candid rain shots are just that- candid. Necessity will afford you the best of circumstances, just let fate have the rains, and roll with it from point A to point B.

Defeat the rain, and celebrate your rainy wedding day at no extra COST!

  • In lieu of rubber boots, go barefoot. Dance barefoot, and kiss in the rain!
  • Borrow an umbrella, or use the one in your car. Nothing wrong with being real.
  • DO make sure that if you rented a tent, you can cancel for a refund if you know ahead of time you’re moving the ceremony indoors.
  • If you DO NOT want a “trash the dress” photo shoot, have your car pulled under an awning for your getaway. Don’t go running through the rain if you really don’t want to. Rain can be an opportunity, and an invitation, but you do not have to get wet.



From a rain-lover like me, here’s my wedding wish to you:

May you sweep into your hotel room soaking wet, laughing as he sets you down on your feet. Rain can only enhance your wedding experience. So on the off chance you might get wet, count it a gift from the heavens to dance in the rain on your wedding day.

And my advice…

  • Kiss him/her. Ignore everything else and just focus on that person you just married!



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