Shhh! Here are the 2019 Wedding Hairstyles

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2019 is just around the corner, and if you’re getting married next year–here’s a sneak peek of what we think will be the hottest trends in wedding hairstyles. Whether your hair is short, medium-length, or long–here’s the upcoming 2019 wedding hairstyles!


Marisa Bridals 111. A delicate lace fitted bridal gown with beaded details throughout the dress with thin straps and a low back with ruched back.


You’ll see a preference of longer, looser wedding hairstyles, with an increase in popularity for highlights of varying colors. Think old-school romance–woodland scenes, castles, crowns, lace, pearls, and candlelight–the way hair is styled on a genuine princess.

Elaborate braided styles will sit lower, and leave loose tendrils falling about the face. Half-up dos still take top place as the most popular wedding hairstyle pick. Long, and loose curls are swiftly becoming the favorite the more laid-back relaxed brides, and all producing the hold-your-breath response that every bride wants to elicit from all who see her.


Short, or medium length hair–is the easiest to work with–we’re just going to be honest. You ladies with the charming pixie cut, or breezy shoulder-sweeping lengths will have the best time styling your wedding hair.

Up-do, half-down, or fully let down in curls, there’s plenty of styles to choose from. You are not boxed in to a specific A-B-C method of styling your hair for the biggest day of your life. No, instead the hair trends are about the finished look. It’s all about the destination, not how you got there.


Headpieces für die Braut von Kido-Design | Friedatheres Foto: Schokolinse Petra Hennemann

Here’s what we’re talking about:

  1. Long, loose curls. Style the front, especially if you have bangs.
  2. Half-up dos. Volume curls, highlights, and STYLE THE FRONT.
  3. Low buns. Volume. Volume. Volume. You have a couple of options for this one–loose, and falling down just a bit, or tighter with precise and elaborate braiding.

Don’t be afraid to go a little “movie star”. Wear the Queen of Dragons braids. Be bold, and be true to yourself.

Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress with Sleeve Cape (#Aceline)

2019 is going all-in for the romance. Castles, and column, off-the-shoulder dresses, and windblown, effortless heroine hair. Imagine Elizabeth Bennett’s hairstyle as she walks across the fields to Darcy, in the early morning sunrise. Depending on the kind of girl you are, and the dress you wear–to wear your hair down might be the best fit for you. Also, your man will definitely appreciate your hair falling down over your shoulders. I hear it’s extremely sexy. *wink*


Wedding Hair Comb Bridal Hair Comb Bridal Haircomb by EnzeBridal

This is the “princess bun”. Take a look at Kate Middleton’s photos, and appearances–this is her number one hairstyle. By all means, let’s be sneaky and be a princess without actually copying her wedding style. Kate Middleton wedding hairstyles are still an on-going fashion trend. We just don’t want to be too obvious.


Top Wedding Hairstyles - soft waves, up 'dos and half up - half down


So, you know what’s coming. What’s the right fit for you? Down, half-up, or low bun?

Take into account your hair length (let’s talk about what’s possible).

Consider your wedding dress. In the chart below, pay attention to the hair styles for each neckline.

Think ahead–your wedding jewelry. Will you be sporting a tiara? Long earrings? Elaborate necklace?

What about your veil? Ask you stylist how she would recommend working your wedding hairstyle and veil together flawlessly. One royal-chapel-style wedding I attended, the beautiful dark-haired bride wore her veil draped over her head, secured by an invisible comb. It seemed the veil might slip, but instead fell gracefully on either side of her face. Magical.


Related image


Best of luck for the year ahead, hope these tips helped on how you would style your hair for your dream wedding!


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