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You’re engaged!! Are you getting married in a year, or (yikes, no dress??) tomorrow? American traditions surrounding weddings are perhaps the most elaborate in the world. From the size of your gown, to the smallest details, nothing is unimportant. It all begins with YOU, the bride. What is your personal style? What do your pinterest boards look like? What is the quest for? We’re searching for the feeling of this is THE dress.



Set aside a day, pick some stores, and here’s the two important pieces of advice I have for you: Set your budget below what you’re able to pay, and choose your companions very carefully.

One bride might be comfortable taking both her mother, and mother-in-law to-be, along with her sisters, and two best friends. Another bride took only her maid of honor, and her mother with her.

It’s about your comfort zone–I mean you know these people–just think in terms of “who do I need with me today? Parents, in-laws, siblings, and best friends may make the top cut. Make sure the people you take with you respect your opinions.


Get the latest tips, techniques and information for wedding dress guide - You might like to consider serving a large fancy meal at your reception. This will help lower the expense.You can continue to budget when your family and buddies are served smaller meals. If you want to serve a bigger meal, you might need to have fewer guests instead.



With that out of the way, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty. There’s a myriad of styles, and trends for wedding dresses. The fact of weddings being once-in-a-lifetime events haven’t dampened the sheer volume of choices out there. Let’s start with your body type, measurements, and your vision, and go from there. . .

If you’re buying a new dress, size often comes at the bottom of your list. Many stores carry a couple of sizes to try on, and clip up the back for a tailored look when you try it on. When you order your dress, you will likely be having it tailored to fit you perfectly.

DO take your measurements before you go shopping. It’s good to know, even if you’ll be tailoring your gown.


“Ugh, this dress doesn’t fit right either!” You’ve looked through volumes of magazines searching for that one dress that will pop off the pages and just grab you by the eyes. Then you search countless hours to discover where this dress is being sold so that you can try it on and see the magic


What’s your body type? The diagram above can give you an idea of how us women can different in our curves, but I encourage you to seek out one of those online tests where you input your bust, waist, and hip measurements to get your “body shape.”

Bust: measure the widest part of your bust wearing an unpadded bra. To be clear–measure the biggest part of your upper torso.

Waist: measure the smallest part of your waist, this is typically right above the belly button. Lay the measuring tape against your skin, and make sure you can breathe.

Hips: this is where MOST ladies get confused. You are not going to be measuring your hips–you are to measure the widest part of your lower half. Think of an hourglass figure–those measurements come from the visible largest, and smallest parts of the figure.






What’s your vision? What vibe are you trying to pull off? What says “YOU”? Is it the innocent maiden in the doorway of a castle? A spy girl in a sleek white modern dress? A royal queen of dragons in unique designs, and flowing lines? Your dress can show off the woman inside. . . who are you?


2017 Mopping Up Slim Show Wedding Dress Sexy Lace High-end TN0034


Look on Pinterest, find out what your preferences. Take the sample list before for reference:

Fabrics: Taffeta, Chiffon.

Silhouettes: A-Line, Ballgown, & Mermaid/Trumpet.

Specifics NEEDED: Swarovski crystals.

Exact measurements: 37″-28″-40″

Budget: $2500.00

Extra money above budget: $500.00


Wedding dress 'BRIGITTE' | Etsy



The finished result will be a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. That feeling of turning to your family, and knowing in your heart that you are the most beautiful of all, is worth it.

It feels like time stands still, and you don’t have to smile. It’s looking out from under your lashes, standing tall, and your hands in your hair. . . I actually found a picture that looks close to what it feels like. I’m serious tho–it’s special.


Credits: Pinterest and Wedding Inspirasi


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